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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. A&E


    BLIKK LRT: O.K. here’s a question from left space. What was your book Slut song Dad, Don't Be Mad at Me about?

    MADONNA: It was called Sex Papa Don't Preach, my book song.

    LRT: Not in Hungary Lithuania. Here it was called Slut Dad, Don't Be Mad at Me.
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  2. Print it, frame it, put it on my gravestone.
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  3. I... don't get all the hate Wiwiblogs get from here? Not like I love them, but at least they keep me informed.
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  4. This calendar is a killer. How many streams can you feasibly keep running at once??

    February 8th alone:

    Australia Decides - Grand Final (different time zone, I know)
    Eurovizijos atranka - Show 5
    Melodi Grand Prix - Semi 5
    Melodifestivalen - Semi 2
    Sanremo - Grand Final
    Söngvakeppnin - Semi 1
    Supernova - Grand Final
    Vidbir - Semi 1
    X Factor Malta - Grand Final

  5. Uhmm......

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  6. We've all seen Drag Race, it can be cute to drop in a reference here and there. These guys only talk like that, just constant yes gawwd yass mama. They harass every hot male contestant. They're clueless about Eurovision history, and they're only into big flashy productions and shit on smaller countries who can't afford that.

    They also accept 'gifts' from certain delegations to say their entry is amazing. They wouldn't shut the hell up about Scream this year even though it's dull as dishwater.

  7. Ok I don't know you, but I am 100% rooting for this.

    I wonder why...
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  8. hmmm
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  9. Pass
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  10. NOT when the series is supposedly rigged for vocal powerhouse and JESC winner Destiny Chukunyere to win.

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  11. Jett Rebel is now highly rumoured to represent the Netherlands.

    Hold me @WoW73. How could they fuck it up so big again.

    Jett Rebel is a tryhard white solo rock singer (male) often on drugs while being live on TV.
  12. Oh, come on!! It’s a new millennium, and you have a free pass to the final, Netherlands. Try sending something NOT from the Acoustic Coffeehouse playlist on Spotify!

    Although apparently one of the radio DJ’s is claiming the artist’s name begins with a J... so I will say two million prayers that they convinced Judith to come out of musical retirement:

  13. Wait, is this thé Judith?

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  14. Alice Deejay or Nothing!!
  15. Liking this electro slow jam.

  16. A&E


    Another one from Lithuania, it's quite lovely

    Atranka really is serving quality so far, Eesti Laul found rotting. I'm also excited for whatever Evgenya Redko is preparing to serve up because her album is excellent.
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  17. Fucking no. No no no! The utter lack of taste.
  18. Judging from the ticket prices, they don't even want us to come this year, never mind next year.
  19. I’m keeping everything crossed they release some standing tickets in the next release. That’s about my budget, €250 is not.
  20. They are definitely making sure we do not host next year if it is Jett Rebel. But to pull an Austria...
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