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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. Actually, good idea for a discussion: Which are the best and worst host songs of the televote era?

    1998 - Where Are You?
    1999 - Yom Huledet

    2000 - When Spirits Are Calling My Name
    2001 - Never Ever Let You Go
    2002 - Runaway
    2003 - Hello From Mars
    2004 - For Real
    2005 - Razom nas bahato
    2006 - Everything
    2007 - Leave Me Alone
    2008 - Oro
    2009 - Mamo

    2010 - My Heart Is Yours
    2011 - Taken By A Stranger
    2012 - When The Music Dies
    2013 - You
    2014 - Cliché Love Song
    2015 - I Am Yours
    2016 - If I Were Sorry
    2017 - Time
    2018 - O Jardim
    2019 - Home
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  2. This is iconic! That adlib is a gift.
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  3. My best:
    1. Leave Me Alone (an anthem for the angsty 2007 version of me)
    2. Runaway (whoever wrote the Wikipedia entry about how this song and performance all came together should be writing crime fiction)
    3. Where Are You (still goes off)

    My worst:
    Any of the most recent 5. Varying levels of torture.
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  4. I wish host countries would be a bit more daring with their entries. You've won, you're guaranteed a place in the final, and you probably don't want to host a second year in a row so just go balls to the wall.
  5. Someone said it might by a song BY Jett Rebel, performed by Trijntje....
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  6. [​IMG]




  7. [​IMG]
  8. 1. Where are you

    The others don't even get close to this one.
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  9. Where are you is clearly the best.
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  10. the closest we got to this was ukraine in 2005 sending a not charismatic ukrainian version of calle 13? and i liked it?
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  11. Also Portugal 2018 was unusual imo
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  12. O Jardim is a great song, some of you really need to get taste.
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  14. That changes things. But I still want something else rock-esque to show some diversity.
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  15. I actually would like to see an electronic artist. For real, Dutch electronic scene is one of the best in the world and we haven't had trance music since this ahead-of-its-time gem:

    Just... send something that isn't house, get a good staging AND most importantly a singer who is good live and I'll be stanning.

    So instead let's be prepared to some acoustic guitar snoozefest.
  16. O Jardim definitely deserved better. I'm glad the plagiarism controversy actually happened and Diogo Piçarra withdrew because I hated that song dd I like that Portugal went experimental these last two year despite not getting good results. I hope it's a sign they will keep going on this route and I don't know that soon enough we are gonna have a good pop song from them on the contest

    who should we impeach
  17. [​IMG]

  18. Definitely Taken By A stranger! That one was A CLASSIC.
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  19. According to Dutch gossip website Shownieuws, the Dutch selection will be Jordan Roy, former member of Adlicious

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  20. Whooo?

    They better give us The Vengaboys as interval act. If Aqua showed up for Denmark back in the days... Vengaboys surely can squeeze in a cute little medley, no?
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