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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. Cliché love song is one of the worse songs ever...

    Lena for the win.
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  2. I had no idea who he was (same with Duncan, but that turned out better than expected). Went to his spotify. Hearing only a rocksong and an acoustic one.

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  3. Welp... Mess.
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  4. A&E



  5. A&E


    New arrivals from Lithuania:

    Monika Marija's on Spotify. It's growing on me oop. Still don't want her to win tho.

    My Sound of Silence is very... Typical Big Ballad. Not terrible but nothing of note either.

    Continuing the theme of I Was So Bored.jpg:

    Running order for atranka Pabandom iš naujo! heat 1 this Saturday below. Six will get through to semi-finals.
    1. Glossarium "Game Over"
    2. Baltos Varnos "Namų dvasia"
    3. Justinas Lapatinskas "Highway Story"
    4. Aistay "Dangus man tu"
    5. Petunija "Show Ya"
    6. Lukas Norkūnas "Atsiprašyk"
    7. Donata Virbilaitė "Made of Wax"
    8. Andy Vaic "Why Why Why"
    9. Aika "Paradas"
    10. MEANDI "Drip"
    11. Monika Marija "If I Leave"
    12. Gabrielius Vagelis "Tave čia randu"

    Tentatively stanning Petunija
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    14. Hurricane - Hasta la Vista
    muzika: Nemanja Antonić
    tekst: Sanja Vučić


    Other Beovizija songs...

    1. Igor Simić - Ples za rastanak
    muzika: Daniel Kajmakoski, Matej Đajkovski, Vladimir Danilović
    tekst: Vladimir Danilović

    2. Sanja Bogosavljević - Ne puštam
    muzika: Sanja Bogosavljević
    tekst: Kristina Kovač

    3. Rocher etno bend - Samo ti umeš to
    muzika: Rastko Aksentijević
    tekst: Rastko Aksentijević

    4. Neda Ukraden - Bomba
    muzika: Dušan Bačić, Dejan Nikolić
    tekst: Dušan Bačić

    5. Marko Marković - Kolači
    muzika: Vladimir Graić, Marko Marković
    tekst: Nemanja Filipović, Leontina Vukomanović

    6. EJO - Trag
    muzika: Stevan Milijanović
    tekst: Stevan Milijanović

    7. Karizma - Ona me zna
    muzika: Dušan Janićijević, Dejan Jelisavčić
    tekst: Dejan Jelisavčić

    8. Andrija Jo - Uvek
    muzika: Jimmy Jansson, Palle Hammarlund
    tekst: Laurel Barker

    9. Naiva - Baš baš
    muzika: Žika Zana
    tekst: Jelena Zana

    10. Bojana Mašković - Kao muzika
    muzika: Goran Kovačić
    tekst: Bojana Mašković

    11. Ivana Jordan - Vila
    muzika: Ivana Jordan
    tekst: Ivana Jordan

    12. Bane Mojićević - Svet sa Prokletija
    muzika: Mirko Šenkovski Geronimo
    tekst: Mirko Šenkovski Geronimo

    13. Ivan Kurtić ft. Geapsy Train - Sabajle
    muzika: Nikola Burovac
    tekst: Miloš Roganović

    14. Hurricane - Hasta la Vista
    muzika: Nemanja Antonić
    tekst: Sanja Vučić

    15. Milan Bujaković ft. Olivera Popović - Niti
    muzika: Petar Pupić
    tekst: Petar Pupić, Milan Bjelica, Luka Racić

    16. Nenad Ćeranić - Veruj u sebe
    muzika: Alek Aleksov, Nenad Ćeranić
    tekst: Alek Aleksov, Nenad Ćeranić

    17. Bora Dugić i Balkubano - Svadba velika
    muzika: Nikola Burovac, Danijel Đurić
    tekst: Nikola Burovac, Danijel Đurić

    18. Ana Milenković - Tajna
    muzika: Dušan Bačić
    tekst: Dušan Bačić

    19. Srđan Lazić - Duša i telo
    muzika: Srđan Lazić
    tekst: Srđan Lazić, Dejan Ivanović

    20. Lazar Živanović - Puklo je nebo
    muzika: Michael James Day
    tekst: Adis Eminić

    21. Milica Mišić - Kiša
    muzika: Sashka Janx
    tekst: Sashka Janx

    22. Thea Devy - Sudnji dan
    Muzika: Pele Loriano, Beth Morris, Dom Scott
    Tekst: Petar Spirić, Aleksandra Lazarević Spirić

    23. Biljana Đurđević - Raj
    muzika: Tina Amvon
    tekst: Tina Amvon

    24. Aleksa Vučković - Samo mi kaži
    muzika: Dimitrije Borčanin, Aleksa Vučković
    tekst: Dimitrije Borčanin, Aleksa Vučković

  7. His newest song is a bit of a bop. I guess they will try to do a Luca Hänni.

    But I'm so happy Hurricane are in it! I have huge hopes for them cause they don't need the promo so I really hope it's a great song. Just not sure if public (jury?) will vote for them.
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  8. [​IMG]

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  10. A&E


    Samanta Tīna is head and shoulders above the other entries, even if the production is a bitsy dated. A Performer!

  11. @constantino Serj. had already posted Neda's song's video.

  12. Don't be too certain, you've yet to calculate for...The shopping centre round.
  13. According to some vague sources, but lots of reporting... Jeangu Macrooy is the Dutch contestant... what

    a video of his

    sounds bad?
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  14. Well. Productionwise there are some weird choiced and his English is at times a bit iffy. But thank God for the change in sound if it were to be him.
  15. Jeangu Macrooy just confirmed on Facebook he's the Dutch entry for Rotterdam 2020. I'm excited!
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  16. South America dominating the world [​IMG]
  17. A&E


    This sounds like a bop so fingers crossed his entry will be one too.

  18. A&E


    Donata's third attempt in a row, third crap song? *pretends to be surprised*

    "Madame Tussauds / you steal the show / cause you are so... / (oh oh oh)"
  19. Selecting a musician from one of the lands you colonised the year you're hosting the contest? We stan. [​IMG]
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