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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. MGP week two songs are popping up online already (thanks to NZ Spotify) and How About Mars sounds pretty good.
  2. He looks like a gay dream but sounds like a gay nightmare.
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  3. Too much of a sausage fest already from the internal selections

  4. Sounds promising
  5. A&E


    New arrival from Lithuania: Indraya.


    In other news, the heat 1 performances are finally up on LRT's Youtube.

    Running order for atranka Pabandom iš naujo! heat 2.
    1. Rūta Loop "We Came from the Sun"
    2. Soliaris "Breath"
    3. Kristina Jure "My Sound of Silence"
    4. Alen Chicco "Somewhere Out There"
    5. Indraya "You and I"
    6. Germanas Skoris "Chemistry"
    7. Viktorija Miškūnaitė "The Ocean"
    8. Antturi "I Gotta Do"
    9. Abrokenleg "Electric Boy"
    10. Twosome "Playa"
    11. Moniqué "Make Me Human"
    12. Voldemars Petersons "Wings of Freedom"
  6. I had this exact thought the other day - anyone know what label she's on?
  7. Space Sushi: the re-up
  8. Now officially confirmed for France:

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  9. Wait didn’t he play superman in smallville
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  10. Exclusive footage of Tom Leeb (on the left) being interviewed by W*w*bl*ggs


  11. Girl we going to Prague?
  12. Well at least that French entry is hot?
  13. The songs for Festival da Canção will be out today on YouTube and Spotify.

    Me: Why bother, most of them will be crap.

    Also me, waiting for a few songs (Blasted Mechanism, Dubio, MEERA, Felipe Sambado...):

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  14. Netflix are sponsoring Iceland’s participation this year. I guess it ties into the film being about Iceland’s entry.

    send grace and frankie for a kii
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  15. Ooh. Make this the grand return of Yohanna!!
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