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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. Directed by Paul Verhoeven.
  2. X Factor is definitely confirmed. The veterans that normally enter the national section were fuming when they found out that the winner of S1 would end up representing us at Eurovision. The PBS tried to convince them to apply but declined. I believe that that is one of the main reasons why they plan on bringing back the national selection once again.

    If they truly do bring back the Malta Eurovision Song Contest then watch out for Brooke Borg as she's been wanting to represent us for the last 4/5 years or so and I'm sure she'll be back with a vengeance after losing the trophy to both Ira and Christabelle. Destiny (Michela's backing vocalist this year and winner of the Junior Eurovision) has applied for XF this year and I'm dead certain that we will likely be seeing her in Netherlands 2020 next year.
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  3. Malta need to just internally-select Destiny with a bop.
  4. My thoughts exactly. I know someone who was part of the Maltese delegation this year and she told me that the PBS will be doing their very best to make sure she wins next year.
  5. Styled by Viktor & Rolf!
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  6. Or Jan Taminiau
  7. Thoughts on The Vengaboys pulling an Aqua - and performing as an Interval act in 2020?
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  8. Imagine the medley that could be!
  9. The UK should convince Leona Lewis to represent them next year. With a right song. She could bring it back to the Uk
  10. Totally random, but We're going to Ibiza from the Vengaboys just hit no. 1 in Austria.
  11. Imma need to be Rotterdam, close to home and so I can sleepover at a date friend. I'm excited for it.
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  12. "I mean the UK could send Leona Lewis and they'd still come last." (-Michael Rice, I assume)
  13. More chance of the UK sending this than Leona Lewis

  14. not really. in 2009, they took it really serious: hired Andrew Lloyd Webber to write a great song. Jade Ewen is a great singer too and they got Top 5.
    Blue & Lucie also got top 15.
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  15. Did you see the quote that Michael Rice gave this week that even if the UK sent Elton John or Gary Barlow, they would still come last?
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  16. Well, maybe he had a point. I know I wouldn't vote for either of them

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  17. He really should have said 'Bonnie Tyler'.
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  18. My babies KEiiNO charted best of all the contest at #61 (#7 in sales though), with Duncan at #67 and Mahmood at #73.

    Microwave Rice nowhere to be seen in the combined chart, but at #28 in sales only.

  19. Can they also elect a less obnoxious social media hunty to run their twitter at the same time fdkjkdlsl
  20. Oh my god. I CHOKED.
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