Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Dvd is out today. Is Madonna on it?

No, she was edited out for copyright reasons apparently

With the most unsurprising news in the world, Amsterdam's withdrawn their bid. It's now down to Arnhem, 's-Hertogenbosch, Maastricht, Rotterdam, and Utrecht.
Maastricht and Rotterdam were the frontrunners from the start with the latter most likely taking it, so I am not surprised cities dropping out fast now (like The Hague, Breda and Leeuwarden did previously). I honestly will be very surprised if Den Bosch or Utrecht take it. Arnhem has despite a great venue big traffic accessibility issues so I feel like it has no chance either.
If she’d be up for it, I feel like the UK should send Laurell Barker in 2020 and be done with it.
1) somebody in the BBC must like what she’s doing if she has been involved in multiple national final songs over the last two years
2) let alone all the Eurovision songs and national final songs she co-wrote
3) she seems to have a perfectly serviceable voice (in the live performances I’ve seen on YouTube anyway)
4) if Sia and Ina Wroldsen among others can turn songwriting into pop stardom why can’t she?
5) what else do you have to lose?
The UK is for me as a non-UKer a bit generic and flat in especially their last three entries (Lucie Jones, SuRie and Michael Rice). There is always a similar song like theirs in the contest that is better. A song needs something special to stand out in the crowd and aside from great performance setpieces they often lack on musical quality. And perhaps they have high expectations which is unfair, but with such a string of poor songs that is starting to fade away with the big crowd.

Michael Rice was basically everything done wrong. The fact you have a leftover track from a participating artist that year is baffling. Then they are going for a schtick that says he was always bullied because of being overweight, when number one from the bookies Duncan Lawrence was doing the exact same thing. You simply fade to the background. And then he has a belter song which he can't even sell vocally. Nothing could save that anymore.

The UK really needs an established artist that still has (national) hits to stand up and get carte blanche in everything (kind of what they did did with Blue, though I Can was a poor song by their standards too it was a refreshing entry from the UK). It is sad they didn't pull through in big names (composition wise) with Jade Ewen and Andrew Lloyd Webbers It's My Time, because with a few years of that it would be inevatible to win cause of goodwill (like the victory from Azerbeidzjan and perhaps now Netherlands). In short: no more artists that feel like they are performing a song at XFactor that is not even their winning song.
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I really, truly believe that if we really commit to sending a quality song (and not derivative, middle of the road shit) then we stand a chance. We need to do something stand out, be story at that competition and not just blend in.