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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. So is the tea that nobody in the Netherlands really wants to host it?
  2. No, 4 want to
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  3. Lowkey hoping that 's-Hertogenbosch gets picked just for the kii of everybody having a hard time pronouncing and spelling it.
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  4. I'm sure Den Bosch is easier though.
  5. I hope Albina gets chosen for Russia!
  6. I really, truly believe that if we really commit to sending a quality song (and not derivative, middle of the road shit) then we stand a chance. We need to do something stand out, be story at that competition and not just blend in.
  7. londonrain

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  8. Well, I didn't book flights because there's no dates.
  9. They just quickly created another page to show it was a mistake that one leaked. But it will be announced tomorrow at 12 or so Dutch time. Praying for Rotterdam.
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  10. I wouldn't mind either really. Rotterdam is easier to get to but Maastricht is cool just as an up yours to the UK.
  11. Hoping for Maastricht and I live in Rotterdam! But my roots are in Maastricht so I am biased but at the same time can't lose.
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  12. I used to live in Maastricht for studies. It’s a great city!
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  13. Rotterdam is way better though. C'mon...
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  14. How is Rotterdam better? The only thing going against Maastricht is the lower ceiling (and it probably will be the reason why I also feel like Rotterdam will get it), but it can house more entrants, which I feel like is important as I want to go and more people possibly attending, means a bigger shot of me making it. Also, the more international feel of Maastricht fits so well with Eurovision.
  15. Rotterdam is a city in the Randstad trying to get more tourism. Good connections and locations. Simple as that.
  16. Sis, Maastricht is just as well connected, but more with big cities accross the national border perhaps. Have you ever been to Maastricht, may I ask?

    And there is literally a national government policy that there is too much tourism in the Randstad and try to spread it out more evenly accross the country, which would be a great fit with Eurovision now.
  17. Yep.
    That's only for some cities like Amsterdam, not the full Randstad.
    Rotterdam, trying to get more international recognition, is a perfect fit for Eurovision.
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