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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. Elisa has literally no chance of making it to the final. Like... are the juries dumb? Is competitivity not taken into consideration at all?

    To think we would have seen both Cicciolina and Passe-Partout win tonight if it were down to public vote...
  2. Part of me wants to quit my job and write a scholarly article regarding the eventual Eurovision results of countries that use international juries in their selection versus 100% televote or internal selection.
    Do those countries end up voting for the songs that they were part of sending to Eurovision in the first place?
    Maybe it’s time for the pendulum to swing in another direction.
  3. When this year's show gets cancelled because of Covid-19

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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. We have one day left before the deadline and we still have three countries who do not have release dates. Surely Russia, Azerbaijan, Malta are all coming out today, right!?!
  6. Apparently Serbia has to teach Finland how to vote when it's about sending a good act to Eurovision! Damn, what the hell just happened, I just can't
  7. This is the song that won A Dal this year. Its quite good.
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  8. Honestly I am almost hoping for this to be canceled.

    My only hope now are Russia and Azerbaijan.

    Cause I‘ve heard Malta‘s song is just good but not great.
  9. Certainly when you compare it to the brilliance of the second half in Eurovision 2018 final! It’s a poor range this year
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  10. I'm still hoping staging can save some of those songs. Like I hated Zero Gravity until I saw the performance rehearsals.

    Maybe some countries like Ireland can take tips from Azerbaijan last year year and use staging that hides the 5 backing singers singing 90% of the song.
  11. Honestly a bit devastated about Cicciolina.

    Erika served us a concept, a look, staging, charisma, humour, a banger, campiness, etc

    lt was such a FUN song to stan as well.
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  12. I'd never expect to see the JESC 2014 scenario again this soon

    that year had a bunch of girls with super bangers of all types of styles... for the only man in the competition to win. and his song was an horrendous ballad and the worst of that year

    I definitely did not want to experience it again
  13. and about portugal... even my portuguese friends are confused? i mean i actually get the gerbera praising (but i might be biased here as i like sambado's work in general), but the tanking of passe partout is just... ??????????

    elisa actually grew on me and it's one of my highest ranked ballads out of the 473993 from this year. good luck for her she will need it
  14. There is nothing that can save Ireland with

    - the na na na na na part
    - this singer
  15. I'm watching Danish MGP. That song about grandpa must be killed with fire.
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  16. - An... Yway.
  17. I'll be forever pissed about Erika
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  18. Finland really know how to celebrate International Women's Day.
  19. Poor Danes having to suffer incompetent politicians that cancel audiences for the MGP despite only having registered 27 cases in a country of 5.6 million and no deaths.

    I haven't seen uninformed hysteria like this since the AIDS crisis. Are the government elderly boomers perchance?
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  20. To be fair, the song is great and she's a great singer, plus they didn't pile the 12s on like they did with Filipe. She simply Jamala'd her way to the crown.
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