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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. mwmwmhahwmwhmwmhh ARGENTINA umwumhmwuhmmwm CICCIOLINA
  2. We stan an OGAE Second Chance winner


  3. i highly doubt this is real, i mean straight or gay or in between, from azerbaijan??
  4. I saw these lyrics leak on twitter about 2 weeks ago thought they were fake but now they're actually in the song? LGBT ICON!

    I'm wondering if this is just the demo and they will change that line for the official release.
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  5. I've also readt his song was proposed to San Marino too so who knows what was going on backstage but I am 100% sure they would change that line.

  6. Why is the video a remake of Luca 2019?
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  7. More important question: what was Rita Ora doing in North Macedonia (1.09)?
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  8. Argentina being spelled Argentiina in Finnish kills me. They’ve never met an extra vowel that they don’t like.
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  9. Well, it borders Kosovo.
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  10. Azerbaijan

  11. Wasn't that song recorded by Senhit??
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  12. It's a leaked demo, hun. Senhit recorded a version too.
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  13. So... who are we rooting for this year exactly? I haven't actually listened to all the songs yet but it really is looking bleak.
  14. This song was kind of good, actually. Why do I like more songs than usual this year?
  15. Ukraine.
  16. Where do we want to go next May?
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  17. I hope this is real because...
  18. I am praying to every deity that I can think of that this is real. This is the bop I needed this year.
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  19. I'm here for Norway, Serbia and Germany so far
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