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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. I am sorry (ddd), but tourism is already steadily growing since 2016 for Rotterdam and has the biggest tourism growth for a city in the Netherlands - but big growth also implies it was small in the first place - so while there is still room for improvement (a gap Eurovision surely can fill), they are on the right track. I just hope the national state can look beyond the Randstad for once. But if it is Rotterdam I will definitely be pleased. I just view both cities as equal competitors. And having my roots in Maastricht probably troubles my view on this matter and makes me biased in this discussion.
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  2. We’ll know in about 40 minutes. No worries! I’m excited
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  3. It's Rotterdam!

    Now let the battle for presenting this begin.
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  4. It is in Rotterdam
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  5. Do we have dates yet?
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  6. 12 14 16 May
  7. The Eurovision hunties work fast, all the hostels are sold out already. Just booked one in Den Haag - looks like a 30 minute ride into Rotterdam?

    Edit: Every hostel in Rotterdam, Den Haag and 95% of Amsterdam is sold out this weekend. Phew the gays are quick.
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  8. Since @Sprockrooster lives in Rotterdam, we can all stay at his house
  9. I have a friend who lives in Rotterdam. How easy is it to get tickets? (I have never done this before!)
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  10. It's the week that I have a work conference... going KMS
  11. Let the price gouging begin.

    Just got a quote for two rooms at a 3 star hotel in Rotterdam central for 38K AUD.


    If they keep this up the EBU will be giving away tickets like they did in TLV because no-one turns up.
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  12. Just because...

  13. Hopefully they'll get the tickets on sale earlier rather than later, especially after the Israeli shit show this year.
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  14. Christ. That's actually more than my annual rent. How many days could you get at that rate?
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  15. I imagine rates will drop in a couple of months, maybe even weeks?
  16. As I have only been to Amsterdam and Sluis, unfortunately my Rotterdam knowledge is nonexistent. But this list of 10 x Must Sees In Rotterdam is a good place to start.

    Maybe the Museum RockArt can host a Eurovision exhibition like the ABBA Museum did when Stockholm hosted Eurovision in 2016! I want a Corry Brokken wing, I want the dresses of Linda Wagenmakers and Trijntje, and a wax figure of Douwe Bob for inappropriate selfies.
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  17. I recommend to stay in cities like Delft or Leiden. Gorgeous and connected to Rotterdam by night train!

  18. Mr. Ooh La La Sandy is looking VIBRANT and GLOWING knowing that he won't have to deal with any Israeli shenanigans this year.
  19. Let me add Dordrecht to that. A cultural highlight and less than 10 minutes from Rotterdam by train (not by car cause of traffic).
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  20. Also, since I live here and know the town and surrounding cities feel free to hit me up via PM for some information if you are planning to go (how to get discount with public transport and such).
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