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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 / Europe Shine a Light

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. What are the ticket prices usually like for the semi finals and final?
  2. 7 days. There's nothing on Airbnb either. A nice little place with a terrace was 1500 for the 7 days about two weeks ago - they increased their price to just shy of 10K yesterday.

    Rotterdam is a really well connected city - i'll just look further afield. Pretty sure the prices will die down in a week or two.
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  3. Glad it's in Rotterdam but I'm super worried about finding a place. I can't cash right now to book something so I'll wait for a few weeks til the hype dies down a bit and maybe more airbnb will be available or sth.
  4. We HAVE to do a PJSC get together!
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  5. So question for our Netherlands correspondents - how do you buy a train ticket for the whole week?
    I see nothing on the NS website.
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  6. Isn’t it a bit early though?
  7. Trying to compare prices for Rotterdam, Leiden and Delft. It's a cost that I can't quantify at the moment.
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  8. I don't think this is possible, but you could look into getting a OV-chipkaart, which is what the Dutch usually use to travel. These links should hopefully be helpful:
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  9. Eurovision in Concert 2020 has just been announced. I wonder if less artists will show up, as they'll be in Rotterdam one month later...
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  10. They'll probably use that to shoot their postcards, all of the acts need to go to the host country beforehand anyway...
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  11. Clever thinking!!
  12. If they play their cards right, they have strong chances of winning in the next couple of years.
    I'd love to see Switzerland as a host.
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  13. ALL co-written by Laurell Barker

  14. Has Laurell Barker ever written a good song? Discuss.
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  15. [​IMG]
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