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Eurovision Song Contest 2020

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. I loved Lisbon 2018 (I didn't).
  2. So apparently Destination Eurovision isn't 100% cancelled (yet) but if it returns, it'll be just a final with 3 or 4 acts or songs
  3. Source:
    Dutch government funding: 12,4 million.
    European Broadcasting Union: 9,6 million.
    NPO (Dutch broadcasting) 2,5 million.
    Organizing broadcasting thing AVROTROS: 2 million.

    With all that money, tickets better not be that outrageously prices!
    It's gonna be lit!

    The comments talking about spending it elsewhere etc are hilarious too. But all Dutch.
    For comparison: we are spending €40 million for hosting the Formula 1 I think.
  4. The presenters are ... not my first choice.

  5. To be fair, I'm too out of touch with Dutch culture/television/media to be able to name decent alternative presenters (even though I am Dutch myself), but Jan Smit is ... a Choice. I dislike his Eurovision commentary so much that I tend to just watch the show on the BBC or Belgian TV. They should have picked that hot dude who gave out the Dutch votes a couple of years ago that had everyone hot and bothered.
  6. Wow, brave of them to go back to a solo host format after Petra's 2013 tour de force, but I'm sure Queen Edsilia will do a great job


  7. Chantal Janzen is the best presenter we have in the Netherlands, though I was afraid the NPO would skip her as she belongs to commercial television. Chantal Janzen is someone who doesn't follow a script and is not afraid of a joke here and there, so I hope she can be herself without too much pressure on how to run the show. Edsilia would be highkey iconic in the greenroom as a former contestant. Not sure how spontaneous she will be. Jan Smit however will be your follow the script, humourless kind of presenter.

    I have hope.
  8. Tim Douwsma says hello:
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  9. That L’Homo shoot changed my life.
  10. HRH


    Sadly all he does is post baby pics on Instagram now.
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  11. Sad!
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  12. The ticket prices are available here.

    I really want to go as I live quite nearby, but I'm not sure about the prices yet.
  13. I wanna get standing for the final but that is only for the fanclub or something? Mess.
    It's pretty expensive but that was expected.

    Apparently they make put them on name and have random checks for IDs, so hope that works against 2nd hand markets.
  14. Paging @WoW73.
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  15. Wow, those tix are expensive in the general scheme of all things ESC related. Accom prices are still through the roof. Not too sure if I can be bothered.
  16. You're not. You're spending at least three times that.

  17. Queen Edsilia deserved top 2 alongside Imaani.

  18. That fanclub sale is disappointing. 800 euro's, not able to bring a friend and 99% standing tickets. No thanks....
  19. But you get 6 shows!

    its quite pricey... eeks.
    Every ticket is. Unless you go to family show
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  20. Would you want to go to SIX shows in a row? I love ESC, but that would be overkill for me hehehe
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