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Eurovision Song Contest 2020

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. The Conan Osiris rejection is still too raw for me to listen to this year’s batch of Portuguese entries.
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  2. RÚV gonna splash out and buy TWO packs of tinsel curtains to decorate the corridor that doubles as the Söngvakeppnin Green Room this year.

  3. I actually like this?????

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  4. Portugal is once again very 'easy listening'....

  6. So many Y chromosomes up in hiyah
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  7. The Duncan impact, my goodness..... The NF's had better send us loads of women!
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  8. If we end up with male dominated Eurovision I'm pulling up on Jon Ola Sand...

    He cute when he covers his face.

    Meh, who has number to Kaliopi?
  9. I wouldn't mind a Luca Hanni clone tbh
  10. He eating out tops now??
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  12. 10 confirmed artist (11 if you include Sweden) and only two are female soloists


  13. A man? Yes. A hunty? Maybe. A bop? Possibly.
  14. "Once again"? Conan Osiris was anything but easy listening. And nor is the frontrunner for Portugal this year.

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  15. Did I miss something?
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  16. Not really, it's just that Sweden has been selecting boys for 278448329483 years already and Felix Sandman is being super hyped so he might be the one representing Sweden etc.
  17. Not today Satan!

    I said, as if there was anything I could do to change it.
  18. Well at least we know it won't be Markus Riva for Latvia because he didn't even get as far as the Supernova live show this year

  19. I kinda feel sorry for him. He's been trying for how many years now?
    Some of his entries are decent bops. Well, he can always make a onlyfans account to try to make some extra money
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  20. Every year since 2014, right?
    I hate myself but
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