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Eurovision Song Contest 2020

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. Neda Ukraden might be disqualified for releasing her song and video early ddddddd
  2. Shula Rijxman: "The 65th Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam this year is an absolute highlight for the public broadcaster. For this special edition, we invite all former Netherlands participants who are still among us to be there. Our national music history under one roof at the grand finale of "our" song festival."

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  3. This male dominated eurovision is not the tea and such a disrespect to that female top 2 in 2018.
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  4. RIP Sandra Reemer, who represented The Netherlands on three occasions.
    Met her in Berlin at a eurovision party in the summer of the 2016 and she was so friendly and youthful.
    Still can’t believe she died less than a year after that!!
    I hope the Dutch broadcaster will have a special tribute segment for her during the grand final this year.
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  5. OBSESSED with Festival da Canção once again





  6. I think all the songs from Portugal are shit oops sorry
  7. The gin one's alright, but yeah pretty terrible overall
  8. A&E


    Tonight [UK time]:
    18:50 - 20:09 – Melodi Grand Prix 2020: Delfinale 2
    19:00 - 20:30 – EMA Freš [Slovenia's pre-selection round for new artists, 2 songs will end up in the EMA final]
    19:00 - 21:10 – „Pabandom iš naujo!“ [Lithuania heat 2]
    19:45 - 20:25 – Söngvakeppninn artist & song reveals [yes the names have leaked already]

    Lithuania's heat 2:
    1. Rūta Loop "We Came from the Sun"
    2. Soliaris "Breath"
    3. Kristina Jure "My Sound of Silence"
    4. Alen Chicco "Somewhere Out There"
    5. Indraya "You and I"
    6. Germanas Skoris "Chemistry (Breaking Free)"
    7. Viktorija Miškūnaitė "The Ocean"
    8. Antturi "I Gotta Do"
    9. Abrokenleg "Electric Boy"
    10. Twosome "Playa"
    11. Moniqué "Make Me Human"
    12. Voldemars Petersons "Wings of Freedom"

    I'm perched for Ms. Viktorija aka the opera singer.

    Newly released stuff:

    I'm disappointed Miss Chicco is going with a ballid because he served some questionable looks last year.
  9. Sis performed the song on TV this morning:

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  10. A&E


    Also I've got to say that I love Festival da Canção for providing something different to all the cookie cutter Barkerr/Yansson/whoever songs yet another year.

    This might be one of the more basic bops in there and it still sounds fresh.
  11. A&E


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  13. A&E


    She was... alright. We've got a better operatic entry from Iceland though!


    Söngvakeppnin entries (youtube playlist here):


  14. A&E


    Qualifiers from the 2nd heat in Lithuania: [performances linked]
    1. Moniqué "Make Me Human"
    2. Kristina Jure "My Sound of Silence" zzz
    3. Rūta Loop "We Came from the Sun"
    4. Viktorija Miškūnaitė "The Ocean"
    5. Alen Chicco "Somewhere Out There"
    6. Germanas Skoris "Chemistry (Breaking Free)" meh

    Monique and Ruta are through so I'm happy with the result. Also: Twosome (the dreadful 'comedy' act) were eliminated with 0 points from the jury! the evil is defeated dot gif

    Perched for Aistė and Evgenya Redko next week.

    could you pls perhaps remove the embed or replace with youtube because it keeps autoplaying every time i open this page and the pause button doesn't work hhh
  15. The ONE decent song in the pre-pre-selection for Slovenia didn't even make it through to EMA 2020...

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  16. My friend was here tonight so I missed everything and... whew I'm glad, because my lithuanian fave aka atalentedleg has been eliminated.
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  17. All the English Songvakeppnin tracks are strong.

    C'mon Netflix money.


  18. A&E


    Girls I'm shaking – Saszan of Nie chcę ciebie mniej (Polish NF 2018) fame confirmed she's taking part in the Polish national selection!

    The selection is a mess though, and not just because Polish Wogan Artur Orzech will be hosting it again. The first 3 episodes will each have a different theme with each contestant performing a cover:
    1. best of ABBA
    2. Eurovision greatest hits
    3. ...The B*atles [didn't know imperialsteroid worked at TVP]

    Winners of each episode +1 possible 'gold ticket' winner picked by TVP (love loopholes) will take part in the final where they'll reprise their winning cover and sing their original entry.

    Heat 1 participants:
    1. Patryk Skoczyński (not linking because he's only doing basic covers on his youtube)
    2. Emilia Sanecka (from Daj to Głośniej – oh dear)
    3. Siostry Szlachta
    4. Kasia Dereń
    5. Amelia Andryszczyk
    6. Sargis Davtyan
    7. Maja Hyży (another 2018 NF bopbringer)

    Other confirmed contestants: (not assigned to heats yet but praying Saszan gets the Eurovision one ddd)
    Basia Gąsienica Giewont (aka BASHKA)
    Adrian Makar
    Aleksandra Nykiel
    Alicja Szemplińska
    Paulina Czapla
    Nick Sinckler
    Patricia Kazadi
    Marek Kaliszuk
    Albert Černy (from Lake Malawi – ugh)
    Weronika Curyło
    Norbert Legieć

    I'm here for Saszan, Maja Hyży and KAZADI, I guess.
  19. What kind of mess of selection is THAT?! Who let Lake Malawi guy in? We have our own Czech diva, where you at Ewa Farna?

    This, can't wait to cry together on the finale!

    Like I'm in for expanding selection process but not like that.
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