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Eurovision Song Contest 2020

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 19, 2019.

  1. Oh my god I love it
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  2. Bop!
  3. Tweet is gone *sad face*
  4. I like this from Belarus auditions

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  5. A&E


    Despite some questionable styling Evgenya kinda ate that, so glad she's through (thanks to the jury, mostly as she was 7th in the televote). Her vocals were incredible and the song is pretty good, just would need polishing up the performance (backing vocalists please). TALENT!

    Aistė's G:song sounded much better after tonight's dire MGP semi (worst yet). She didn't sweep the vote though, as "The Roop" ended up on top of both the jury vote and televote with a.. serviceable song I guess.

    Nombeko Augustė served cute choreo but sadly just missed out on qualifying.

    Qualifiers, in order:
    1. The Roop
    2. Aistė Pilvelytė
    3. KaYra (mess)
    4. Evgenya Redko
    5. Rokas Povilius (MESS)
    6. The Backs
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  6. Yeah Finland you have one job, send this BOP to the contest that is all.
  7. Both of Finland's songs are slapping!
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  8. Belarus finals include 11 women led songs and 1 man.

    This is the favourite to win

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  9. This Vidbir 2020 introduction video appeared in my YT recommendations, it's in Ukrainian but it also contain snippets of all competiting song.
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  10. They do not even mention Maruv??
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  11. Well... does mentioning requirement of not performing in Russia and Crimea since 2014 count as Maruv's mention? Cause otherwise they don't, they just use her performance footage for outro of the video.
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  12. Scream... I skipped the outro....
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  13. Such a shame this little bop didn't make it through to the final...

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  14. Cindy this slaps
  15. Okay but now we have decided to stan forever.
  16. Please tell me I didn‘t just read that UK wants to send Sam Bailey?!

    Sigh they‘ll never learn.
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  17. Thankfully she’s already taken to twitter and said she isn’t doing it...
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  18. The latest offering from UMK this morning

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  19. [​IMG]

    It took 5 people to write that? It has the emotional depth of a motivational poster...
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