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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Here it is, the thread of the 2021 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.
    After the cancellation of the 2020 contest, here's hoping the 65th edition will take place in May 2021!

    Today, the city council of Rotterdam voted to approve the funding to host it in Rotterdam (and the Ahoy venue) next year....
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  2. I hope my girls Hurricane can return
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  3. My no. 1 and 2 of 2020 both return, now please 3, 4 and 5, too! (resp. Gjon's Tears, Victoria, Ana, Hurricane and The Roop)
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  4. Serbia will for sure send Hurricane again next year, right? RIGHT?
  5. I'm so disappointed for the Roop as I think they had a really good chance of winning and I'm not sure they can replicate it. I hope they do, and I hope warmth towards them will help
  6. Can't wait for Efendi to slay my soul once again
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  7. Confirmed acts so far:

    Spain - Blas Canto
    Australia - Montaigne
    Switzerland - Gjon's Tears
    Austria - Vincent Bueno
    Belgium - Hooverphonic
    Bulgaria - Victoria
    Georgia - Tornike Kipiani
    Greece - Stefania
    Israel - Eden Alene
    Netherlands - Jeangu Macrooy
    Romania - Roxen
    Ukraine - Go_A

    I would like to see Benny Cristo, Little Big, Ben Dolic, and Hurricane confirmed for next year. Everyone else can go back to the drawing board.
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  8. I understand national finals are a big deal for some countries but these are unprecedented times. Literally every one of the qualified acts from this year should have been invited back for next year. I respect the countries who did this immediately.
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  9. Yeah. I agree. The disrespect. That said: the artists are now pressured in making a good song again, which can be hard for an established superstar. And fair enough: in national finals I feel like a song is way more important than the artist. That said, what counts the most is the fact these artists were rallying up to a contest. Hoping for a breakthrough. In that sense it is heartless to not have them return. A national final would now focus on which song should be selected for the artist from this year.
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  10. I don’t think broadcasters who select internally should be under any pressure to reselect the artist. It’s the Eurovision SONG Contest not the Eurovision ARTIST Contest.

    I understand a bit more where a public vote/national final selected the entry because viewers actually had a chance to contribute.
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    they confirm here that if you bought tickets for 2020 they will remain valid (if they can host it with audience of course).
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  12. So, 18 confirmed artists since yesterday. I DO hope several of those will present several songs in national finals (Belgium, Spain, take note!!)
  13. The Spanish public cannot be trusted. They chose this -

    Over this -

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  15. Take this with a grain of salt but some friends without receipts claimed to have some intel at Ahoy (the venue in Rotterdam) and they are apparantly saving both weeks in May and October (2021) for Eurovision. This could possibly mean that they have a plan B if May is to soon. Not sure if it will cost them extra money (cause that was what I immediately thought as they have a double reservation). Then again it is not also likely regular concerts are back in rotation anytime soon. I can actually see this making sense.

    The minister in the Netherlands concerning the Coronacrisis simply said without a vaccine there will be no big events. So Rotterdam/Dutch broadcasting can claim it will be held in the Netherlands next year it is far from certain due to political restrictions. Saving dates in October 2021 might be born from that perspective if tends to be true cause it might give a little bit more time.
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  16. The problem with that though is that they would have to push back Eurovision to October forever since a new broadcaster needs about a year to prepare everything. We will see.
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  17. Oh goody, because one cycle of “we’re too good for any of this” just wasn’t enough.
  18. So Sandro won‘t return for Cyprus next year.

    No big loss really (except for the looks).
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  19. [​IMG]

    Tom Leeb next!
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  20. [​IMG]
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