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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. I wonder which San Marino song they picked.
  2. SO they gave Verona the death slot??

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  3. Verona is a fantastic song, but that performance was horrendous. Laura's lockjaw, Koit's creepy looks and their singing was so out of tune. Ugh. What a wasted opportunity.
  4. Forget that, they didn't pick 'I Love Belarus'.
  5. All true. But at least they fixed her mic-mishap in the opening notes!
  6. The Macedonian song better be Jana Burceska's Dance Alone or we riot!
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  7. The way the put the RAPIST as the Slovenian choice I-
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  8. I was surprised they did! Still, let's not pretend that that incident was the sole culprit there.
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  9. Not that Finnish woman again!
  10. La coco-dance! Ladies and gents... A SONG!
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  11. I can't remember this Greek song. Is it like Romania where they only have a couple but all but one are painfully awful?
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  12. Switzerland - the biggest robbery of 2018.
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  13. My only personal winner that hasn't qualified.................................. don't talk to me i'm emotion
  14. I imagine Jana would have fared much better if she could actually dance, but oh well.
  15. Song is called Dance Alone but sis could've used some dancers
  16. I still think Jana's vocals sounded very 'vocoder'
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  18. Horehronie <3
  19. Choosing hear them calling over Paper?
    Choosing hear them calling over Congratulations?

    Twitter gays sent to gulag without passing go
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