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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Azerbaijan being the only bop in the second half, it’s happening ! We have a winner !

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  2. Damn you all HATE Norway huh? It’s fine, sounds like a Plastic Hearts off cut to me.

    Sweden is the same, I appreciate it’s not their best entry but I think the staging is nice and the song has decent impact live.
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  3. Ukraine has shot up to 4th favourite now. I LOVE to see it.

  4. Several reasons for that that you may not be aware of:
    1. NRK's national final has an absolutely infuriating structure.

    2. This song made the final:

    3. This was the song that finished second:

    Also no Jon Ola this year.
  5. Etno crap? That would certainly be the last thing that would come to my mind to describe the song Rijeka. It is a masterpiece and would have been one of Croatia‘s best entries ever. The same applies to Tick Tock, which is Croatia‘s best dance bop. In any case, Croatia was strong this year and the result is a shame.
  7. Agree to disagree but Nina has already been to Eurovision and I remember she looked terrified and the vocals were shaky and all over the place. What I hate about Rijeka is the fact that the stage showcased something completely opposite and even her outfit was confusing. Why the hell wasn't Lado on the stage with her (women who sang background), instead we got pole dancing, WTF?

    But most of all, Nina showed her true face after she lost, blaming everyone else and she was such a sore loser, I'm sure she would have blamed Eurovision if she ended up with unsatisfied result.
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  8. Thank you. I guess it just got lost between all the female bops but at least all others made it so that‘s a win.

    Also Albina seems very positive about the whole experience, so I‘ll remain positive too. I know she delivered.
  9. Not me enjoying Fallen Angel more than those... I’m just so exhausted with BOPS this year I’m not sure we needed either.

    And like I get that is annoying but also - 99.9% of people watching won’t know any of this. They’ll just see the song and performance, which is fine.
  10. Yeah, I don't think it helped that Israel came soon after us, another bop with great singer and staging.

    I am glad Albina got such a positive reaction and that she isn't sad though, she knows she really gave her best. For the first time in years we nailed it with everything, even staging. I mean, I was disappointed that Franka didn't go through but lets face it, the staging was lacking so its not that surprising. I absolutely hated Roko as well. I know when we suck and I am not sad when we don't qualify then but this is such a shame because Albina truly was amazing.
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  11. Anna Bergendahl when Tusse made it:
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  12. Yes, on here we're very much 'in the bubble' so we don't know how people (especially televoters) will react on their first viewing.
  13. [​IMG]

    Gay solidarity, we love to see it.
  14. This is crude. But... are those fisting bands on Vasils arm?
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  15. Mata Hari was written by a Dutch team? Our impact.
  16. That was definitely the strongest Semi-Final ever IMO.
    Not one bad song, and some of the strongest entries for years.

    Cyprus was the best for me, and I loved Norway (not sure why it's some unpopular on here?)
    Shocked at Croatia not getting through.
    The standard was fierce and every bloody one of them should be proud.
  17. I made an inverse prediction of what wouldn't qualify and got five of them, I couldn't pick a sixth and it sadly turned out to be Croatia.

    The number of strong entries meant something good was going to fall but of them all Tick Tock was far and away my favourite. She just had the bad luck of being in the same semi with the various other Future Nostalgia wannabes.

    Hoping for a Ukraine win now.
  18. I deliberately hadn't listened to most of the songs in full and I just watched the semi final now.

    Lithunia - I don't mind this. It's catchy as hell. It's not mindblowing, but will definitely pick up plenty of points.
    Slovenia - Nah. Boring as fuck.
    Russia - This is going to do so well. Could easily challenge for a win. I thought I hated it, but then I kind of maybe enjoyed it. Regardless, it'll storm the vote.
    Sweden - I'd heard this before but man, it's so boring, and that chorus is not pleasant on the ears.
    Australia - Those vocals are...appalling. She's just shouting that chorus, her pitch is all over the place, and the key change - oh fuck me, no. So, so bad. Also, I wish she wasn't doing that awful choreo. If she'd loosened up this would have been more fun to watch and her vocals might have been a bit tighter. As it is, it's awkward as fuck.
    North Macedonia - Sure, he can sing, but no thank you. Overblown, tuneless crap. Where's the melody?
    Ireland - Oh dear, the vocals. What fresh hell was that? What a shame, because it's a good song and deserved to qualify based on that, but she just can't sing very well. Christ almighty.
    Cyprus - Obviously this is very good. Polished and Eurovision to the core. Will do very, very well. It's not making me quiver with excitement. It's pretty run of the mill as far as pop girl bops go, but compared to what has come before it, it's great.
    Norway - KEiiNO were mugged. This is complete shite. I don't even understand why people would have voted for this over Monument. What the fuck? Get it in the bin.
    Croatia - Should have easily qualified over Norway for fuck sake. It wasn't bad at all. It would never have won in a million years but it was better than Fallen Angel.
    Belgium - I don't get the appeal of this. At all. It's just not enjoyable to listen to.
    Israel - I'll never seek this out to listen to it again but it's a competent, confident performance, so good for her.
    Romania - Not for me, but I can see why others would be into it. Her voice is pretty dreadful though.
    Azerbaijan - I laughed. Listening to her vocal in the verse - there's no fucking way that chorus vocal is even close to live. It's super basic.
    Ukraine - Well, this blew the cobwebs away. It's fucking nuts. This could win, right? I couldn't stop watching it. Wow. If anything, I think it took away from their set up when we got wide shots showing them on the tiny platform. They should have kept it close up. This was just so different, it stands out head and shoulders above everything else, for better or worse.
    Malta - This doesn't live up to the level of conversation around it, for me. It's definitely good though and will undoubtedly challenge for the win.
  19. Unpopular opinion but the Belgium entry is one of my favourites. That chorus is a gorgeous melody and I love the moody and sinister vibes. A mix of The Common Linnets - Calm After The Storm and Equinox - Bones. I think it's going to be a dark horse.
  20. I am strugeling to find 10 qualifiers for tomorrow, mam the difference.
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