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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. I've secretly seen the piece of paper you're writing your list on.
    It reads:

    San Marino
    San Marino again
    Man Sarino
    Did I say San Marino?
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  2. WHAT A SEMI FINAL. I am so unashamedly happy and grateful to have Eurovision back in my life, bravo to all involved for bringing it to the stage this year, and to everyone here for your biting commentary too.

    I am so thrilled for Efendi/Azerbaijan to have made it through, ma ma ma mata hariiii (and my purse is relieved, I really shouldn't bet on Eurovision I was sick).
  3. I have to question how much of Lithuania was actually live. Either he has the best breath control in the world and able to deliver studio vocals whilst hopping all over the stage, or the backing vocals were dialled up to 100.
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  4. Honestly felt like that about Croatia too - there was a couple of spots where Malta and Cyprus let the backing vocals carry a bit too much too.

    Honestly overall not a fan of the rule change, it’s been a mixed back and people are already stretching it.
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  5. Croatia... that was a...

  6. Albina was robbed! The Norway song had no business being part of the finalists.
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  7. What most saddens me about Croatia is that you know that if she was in the second semi she would have easily gone through.
  8. The way Azerbaijan, Malta, Croatia, Cyprus and Australia should have maximised their joint slay last night


    This gif is almost as tiny as Efendi
  9. Youtube views are interesting. Russia in a clear lead with over 1,7 million views, Ukraine in second with 1,2 million.

    Everything else very far behind.
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  10. Greece
    San Marino

    Uh.... Latvia and Czech Republic I guess.

    Maybe Finland for a kii.

    Thassss about it.
  11. Let's hope Russia gets Top.4. I've got a very decent bet on them, prayer circle.
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  12. I'm pissed off about Sweden but Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine getting through made up for it. Delighted and surprised about Belgium but would have been happier with Croatia.

    I don't even dare hope the Roop can take this all the way now. I'll never invest so much in one song again, my heart can't take it!
  13. Semi 2 predictions:

    San Marino
    And maybe Moldova
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  14. Denmark is a no-hoper for me, I'd swap for Albania, and add Finland over Poland :(
    Austria might also squeeze Moldova out, which would be the Sweden/Belgium level travesty
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  15. Welp. What’s gonna happen?
  16. Domestic views, the vast majority of comments for both are in Russian. Compared to Cyprus at 820k, and the comments are all in English.

    I would imagine they'll use a pre-recorded performance.
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  17. Damn, Iceland cannot perform due to COVID!!
  18. Everyone recorded contingency performances a la Montaigne right?
  19. Yeah, they will use rehearsal footage form last week it seems
  20. Sad but they'll qualify regardless
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