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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. It'll be interesting to see how the audience reacts to the recorded footage. Obviously Australia struggled last night, but they were in a very different situation anyway. Will the EBU add crowd noises to the feed for instance? A performance in a dead arena from the rehearsals might be awkward.
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  2. Shite, there goes Iceland's potential win then!
  3. That went away in 2020. In 2021 they would be a lovely 5th alternate.
  4. I'm only bitter because I put a tenner on them winning ññ
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  5. What a joy to wake up in a world where Azerbaijan has qualified for the grand finale.

    After last night performance, Mata Hari is the one for me.
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  6. I'd swap out Norway or Belgium for Croatia but overall I'm ok with the results.

    Cyprus, Malta, Ukraine, and Russia all gave me Top 5 tingles.
  7. Malta performance is doing nothing on Youtube compared to the numbers of Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Israel… Talk about an overrated favourite.
  8. Worth bearing in mind that televoters and jury members are likely diff audience demo than YT viewers
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  9. Benjamin Ingrosso was seething at her pre-recorded vocal serve, I just know it.
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  10. True, and Malta will do well because she is a favourite and juries will be giving it points for being the favourite. But I still can’t understand the appeal!
  11. For Lithuania you could barely hear the main singer with the backing vocals being so loud, and no one complained about that because *he’s a babe*.
  12. And Serbia has been dominant on the platform cause they're extremely popular in Serbia that doesn't automatically transform into international votes. Youtube views have never been a reliable source for the votes.
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  13. I'm not complaining about anyone's backing track, I hope the new rule is here to stay, if anything. Efendi did what needed to be done!
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  14. Although her performance yesterday was great she's still giving me Toy vibes with a better song.
  15. ^this. You can view your own country's video but you can't vote for them. This is why Russia always gets so many views.
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  17. Right, I'm going to admit I was wrong.

    Norway is actually the one, it's been in my head all day and I love it.
  18. Jesus, poor dadi and his group. Hope everyone, especially his wife, is safe. Gutted they had to go through this.
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  19. YouTube views don’t mean anything. KEiiNO’s semi final performance got hardly any views and they got the highest amount of votes from the public out of everyone else in the final
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  20. I wonder them being first on, people just didn't notice?

    Incidentally, I know a guy who looks almost identical to the singer.
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