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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. San Marino, Moldova, Serbia, and Greece tomorrow!

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  2. Poor Iceland. Very doubtful they could perform on Saturday. Imagine if they win.

    This is the very sad video from the group member that tested positive:

  3. Welcome to the dark side. If he wasn't in his silly outfit, I think a lot more people would stan.
  4. Poor guy, I feel really bad for him!
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  5. Awww poor guy. To be close to the Eurovision final and not making it because of Covid....
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  6. Poor Iceland, they do have a different situation compared to Australia, where they will using their second rehearsal footage from the arena so it will still look like they were there at the arena which might help them get more votes.

    Still seems to be uncertainly what would happen if they get through on Thursday and if the rest of the band continue to test negative, will they use rehearsal footage again or will the rest of the band be allowed to perform with a stand in maybe? I think the "instruments" used by the band are just for show, so if they allowed to use a stand in and teach them the routine could they go on live for Friday and Saturday? Anyone know if they have replaced an injured backing dancer or anything in previous years?

    Also depends on if the member with Covid gives them the ok to replace him. Its a tough spot they are all in, Iceland and the organizers.
  7. Yeah I thought it was the lead singer who was positive.

    Why can't they all perform live still? Is it some Eurovision clause that all members must perform together?
  8. I would imagine that being in close proximity to each other, they can't take it for granted that other members of the band don't have it even if they're currently testing negative.
  9. But haven't they all been quarantining separately since Sunday when a member of their delegation tested positive?
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  10. It can take up to a week from exposure to test positive, so best to be super cautious.
  11. I think the rule is they need to quarantine for 5 days - if they haven’t been in physical proximity with each other since Sunday and the rest of the band continue to test negative, they should be able to perform with a stand-in from Friday onwards, no?
  12. Oh just noticed they wear one of the keyboards and that's part of their routine. What an absolute shame.
  13. The official statement from EBU

  14. I just learned that Salvador Sobral is releasing a new album just six days after the final this year... For someone so anti-Eurovison he sure doesn't mind using it as a promotion tool, smh
  15. I’m absolutely gutted for Iceland, especially after watching Johan crying on Insta. I hope by some miracles they could attend the final on Saturday!
    To think they’ve been waiting for this moment for 5 years and got fcked not once but twice by Covid…
  16. I don't know who that is but they sound like a wank.
  17. Portugals winner from 2017.
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  18. Lesley is one of the most likeable Eurovision contestants… ever?
  19. EDIT: oh sorry I can't use abbreviations

  20. Cameras breaking?
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