Eurovision Song Contest 2021

I didn't bother with Ireland her 'artsy' performance during the semi final and I'm certainly not gonna bother with it now. Poor thing.
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I don't think she was hinting at the conspiracy, just the fact that there was a five minute delay between the postcard and the actual performance due to technical challenges. But yeah, it's barely worth discussing.
Me waking up after Croatia NQ'd

Ireland is a prime example of just creatively getting it wrong with the live performance, the song was fine and had a decent chance of qualifying and not much more. Ukraine seem to be gathering a head of steam across the socials so will be strong performer in the public vote, how do we think the judges are likely to score it?

Malta pretty much nailed her semi performance (maybe a little wobble on the big note at the end) but the audience ate her up, the song is an absolute ear worm, They seem to be the safest bet for a strong audience and judges score so I can see how its a strong favourite.

Lithuania are great and should be top 5. Poor bloody Iceland, I am not sure they would have won but my feel is that the general public would have loved them and the judges too. I hope the recorded performance does them justice. Russia also ones to watch as well.

So far it feels like an incredibly close Eurovision. Saturday night is going to be tense, so many strong entries.

Of the big 5, I actually think only Italy stand a chance of doing something. Netherlands entry I love but not sure the live performance is it.

God its so great to have Eurovision back!
I appreciated the use of props rather than relying on the video screen, but compared to most of the other performances yesterday it truly looked like a high school theater production.
It was far too focussed on how things looked for TV too - the performance must have had NO energy in the arena. You can tell everyone woke up once she got away from that stage.
Iceland have Covid so no live performance from them tomorrow or Saturday! Let's pray they are the only ones and they are ok.
I'm not sure why the bookies think Portugal will qualify nn

It's a nice and pretty GP-friendly song/performance and it does stand out somewhat, plus it's the weaker semi final and I wouldn't really say there are ten other songs that seem like guaranteed qualifiers. There's also the fact that the European countries with the biggest Portuguese emigrant population (UK, France, Spain and Switzerland) are all voting in that semi, which is bound to help too. It's definitely not a 100% thing but it does seem fairly likely to me.