Eurovision Song Contest 2021

I'm not sure why the bookies think Portugal will qualify nn

It's a nice and pretty GP-friendly song/performance and it does stand out somewhat, plus it's the weaker semi final and I wouldn't really say there are ten other songs that seem like guaranteed qualifiers. There's also the fact that the European countries with the biggest Portuguese emigrant population (UK, France, Spain and Switzerland) are all voting in that semi, which is bound to help too. It's definitely not a 100% thing but it does seem fairly likely to me.
I find it strange the hate for Voices on here and the weird low predictions. (which I swear were also made in Melfest) with all the female bops qualifying on Tuesday I think it has a great chance to stand out on Saturday. I don't think it will win, but it's going to be on the left side of the results.
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Am I the only one, despite being aware that they should know better and of the cringeness of it all, that finds Rafal daddy (especially with the shades)?

I so desperately want this to win it's taken over my every thought. I don't normally invest so much in just one song. It's 10th in the odds at the moment which would be a massive disappointment. Anything lower than top 5 is a disappointment.

Russia or Ukraine winning would make up for it a bit.....
Сію, сію, сію, сію конопелечки
Сію, сію, сію, сію зеленесенькі
Прийди, прийди, весняночко
Та й не забарися
А ми вийдем на юлицю
Будем любитися
But I do hope Tusse has a decent night at the final. Just don’t really think he’ll be top 10.
Same! I don't have a strong opinion on Voices either way but Tusse seems like such a sweet, endearing person that I really don't want him to suffer a GOTCHA! reaction moment if Sweden's televote poison era continues.

On the subject of Mello... who is the only other of this year's crop still in the Spotty Fry Top 40 pulling in hundreds of thousands of streams a week???


Come back next year queen.