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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Tusse is amazing and deserved better than this Michael Rice reject song.
    BUT that performance and show didn't deserve to qualify over Croatia and I guess he has the juries to thank.

    Also those guilty pleasures were not guilty pleasures in any way, except maybe Destiny's choice. Ridiculous.
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  2. I think I read Sweden have qualified once in 11 years because of Juries. I think Sweden makes poppy, mass consumption songs that resonate with the GP far more than the Eurovision fandom.
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  3. Anyway, stream Every Minute!

  4. Don't let me down, PJ. Ta Qali (THE potential venue) is legit the next town over to mine.

    I CAN HOST. CHEAP BOOZE, SUNSHINE, BEACHES. YOU NAME IT. WE HAVE IT. What a whirlwind of a week it has been. I can't believe it's over in just a couple of days. I am so glad they somewhat made the show work for everyone this year. :'(

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  5. Don't ask them that. Ask them if they'd vote for it.
    A lot of people like a lot of songs, but would they be willing to spend money on it?
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  6. FWIW I think Behöver would have stood out this year and done really well. I do wish Tusse had come with a 12/10 song that won and kicked the racists into orbit.
  7. I thought we were talking about Voices? I don't think many televoters will have gone for it based on yesterday's performance, especially without the Idol backstory that brought him Melodifestivalen love.

    In my eyes, the "Eurovision fandom" usually over-resonates with Sweden's entries more because of MF than the actual songs, but this year is definitely a low point in song and performance quality.
  8. Nah, Voices is comfortably better than Too Late For Love. Tussé is more charismatic than Lundvisk as well.
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  9. With those vocals?

    One of the things about the Melodifestivalen audience is that when it comes to the final, they serious the fuck up and vote for the song they think will do the best. This results in shitty novelty acts like Arvingarna finishing near the bottom, despite gaining a number of televotes in the qualifying rounds. So while it's very unlikely that SVT will send something like Tix, it results in songs like Voices rising.

    So while Melodifestivalen is under new management for next year, it will take a number of years for the audience to change their habits, so don't expect to see anything charming or distinctive from Sweden for a couple of years.
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  10. But we don’t know. It seems lazy and unfair to him to infer that the juries gave it to him without the results being out. He won Mello by a landslide in the public vote and while I get it’s a totally different audience, Tusse and his story absolutely appeal to the GP.
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  11. Couldn't disagree more songwise. Tusse is more cute than smug though yes
  12. It's lazy and unfair to him to make a prediction about where his points came from? ddd is he reading the forums?

    I'm happy to be proven wrong, but if I didn't make the inference before the results were out, there'd be nothing to be proven at all.

  13. Love to see these kind of videos.
  14. But the prevailing narrative is that X and Y country were “better” (subjective) and that Sweden were sent through by the juries over them (objective but we don’t know). Yes I think that is unfair to him to infer that.

    This probably isn’t constructive because we just don’t know so I’ll leave it there.
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  15. I just don't get what is unfair about speculating about why country X made it and country Y didn't. It's literally one of my favourite things to do when talking about this silly little contest.

    Sweden qualified because they got the most total votes under the contest rules, so it was 'fair' either way. But my tastes tend to align more with televoters and so I expect to see Sweden did much better with juries. Whether it did or not, Tusse ain't going to lose any sleep over me guessing it on Wednesday, or you defending him as if it's a personal attack...

  16. Us in this thread on Saturday
  17. I’d love Lithuania, Cyprus or Malta to take it. First time winners are always exciting.
  18. Albina was just live on instagram and someone asked her if there is something she would have changed. She said: The flag.

  19. Me peacefully bopping to Mata Hari's first two minutes


    Me during its last twenty seconds


    Both the guitar riff and the build up to it are genius.
  20. UKRAINE JUST STAMPS! What a tune!!!!!
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