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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. I hate that I can see this qualifying too.
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  2. Oh god Georgia! Someone helps me find that Dua lack of energy gif
  3. Sara Cox going “Thank god” under her breath at the end of Georgia. SCREAMING.
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  4. Albania yup yup yup yup

  6. MB


    How was that so bad!? He didn’t even move and couldn’t hit a note. Dear god.
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  7. Georgia getting bookended by the huns from Serbia and Albania

  8. I was still pumped from Serbian girls I didn't even notice that whining Georgian.
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  9. I think everyone else’s weak vocals will save Albania from NQ
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  10. aux


    I can't stop thinking about Hurricane's performance... A gag for the LGBT.

  11. The I Am... tour’s impact decades later!
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  12. I thought that's what she said ddd
  14. Georgia has sapped the energy out of me I can’t get into Albania
  15. Taste!
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  16. The Mariah strategy of wearing 10 pairs of tights yup yup yup

    that’s MY girl
  17. Count on the Festivali Il Kenges winners to serve vocals and a dramatic ballad. Yasss Albânia.
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  18. Georgia gave me

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  19. Albania is cute and the song itself is fine
  20. Did she... steal Moldova's dress?
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