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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. It seems on Instagram that KEiiNO will alter their staging and costuming after seeing the feedback from audiences that it was too drab. They are in this to win it all. I appreciate that effort.
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  2. Laura will come through I’m sure.
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  3. Raylee is back with her version of Blinding Lights:
  4. WHY are they making it sound like such a rip-off?? The style could still be similar and the melody is original enough but that intro? It's like they wanna lose credibility.

    Wild was super unoriginal too. She might be the most popular NF artist that doesn't do anything for me.
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  5. Very bland bunch for this weeks MGP. It's Maria Solheim or Raylee for me, Ketil Stokkan's entry is truly awful.
  6. I'm getting much more Physical vibes myself, but regardless they saw that 80s bandwagon and jumped right on. Does it stop me bopping to it? Hell no...
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  7. Raylee doesn't have a shred of originality, but her willingness to perform Aldi versions of better songs to the level of being just-about-decent is a bit of a scream at this point...
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  8. Croatia‘s Dora has 4 female hosts, slay.
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  9. Is Raylee's Hero a Physical Lights shameless rip-off? Yes.
    Will I complain about that? No.
    Will I bop hard to that? Hell yeah.
  10. I disagree with the Blinding Lights and Physical comparisons. Yes, it has 80s influences but so did 100 of other songs last year and 1000s before it.
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  11. I... didn’t understand the problem the fans had with the Keiino performance. It was great. Much better than their usual Kidz Bop stylings.

  12. The fuck is this shit?!

    Apparently not!
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  13. This is.............. not good.

    Aksel is winning this isn't he
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  14. Laura girl what is this Victor Crone reject track
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  15. Finland happily marching towards another DNQ.
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  16. The Laura song needs a good revamp.
  17. I actually like all 3 but Ue La La is my favourite, in all its Pookie boppery.
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  18. I think La La Love will probably win and has the best chance at ESC but I really like Ue La La.
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  19. All three of Eden's songs have grown on me. All three are lightweight bops. I think Set Me Free is the weakest, but I will be happy with any choice. I'm mostly in favor of La La Love winning though.
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