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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Helena, the most competent performer from all of that semi final
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  3. You know what? I always have to give Portugal praise just for doing their own thing and not giving a shit about Bridge Troll this, Laurell Barkerr that or Scammer Jean Baptiste staging "concept"s.

    Doesn't always pay off but props to you mawma

  4. Helena was 16 years ago!!! I have doubled in age since then. How has this happened??
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  5. Scott Mills asking who Helena Paparizou is. Shut the fuck up with your no Eurovision knowledge mouth.
  6. Amar Pelos Dois was chocolate, this is shit.
  7. Hair
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  8. Portugal is not one of my faves but considering the rest of this semi… They’ll be qualifying and I won’t be mad.
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  9. Going ✈️ final
  10. Helena serves strong Kathryn Hahn energy. Love!
  11. Portugal was awesome and I don't care what you naysayers think.
  12. Props to you black mawmba
  13. In the fight of the Billie eilish wannabes, Bulgaria will prevail
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  14. Growing up is getting old...

  15. Growing up is getting old?

  16. LTG


    Pure Heroine <3
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  17. Sorry Victoria love, what was that?
  18. Beautiful staging, great staging
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  19. Boregaria.
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  20. Not here Bulgaria and the baby girl vocals
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