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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. As dreadful as we all imagined then, deary me
  2. It seems like Belarus is about to start dropping songs.
  3. Now wait a second, I hear a bop
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  4. I never thought I'd be saying this but I might support Aksel in UMK this year. Not that I like the song but it's not the worst of the year (as it was last year) and there aren't much better alternatives. Also he won and couldn't go. It might be fair he gets his chance.
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  5. So, Vasil is back, too!
  6. Blind Channel's song leaked and the Asking Alexandria stan in me is LIVING for it


  7. [​IMG]
  8. Why do I even hope for Portugal to bring the bops? Anyway these are my faves from Festival da Canção:

    But with Carolina Deslandes singing her own song, she's the main favourite:

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  9. I need to sit with the Portuguese songs but this the Eu.Clides track has a lot of potential to translate. And he's such a talent.

    As a fan of NEEV and IAN I'm disappointed that so much of their songs are in English. I think Carolina Deslandes and Karetus will do well in the competition, they seem to be the most popular.

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  10. I love you too but let’s go back to UMK.

    There’s another girl in the lineup, maybe she’ll bring in a bop.
  11. That EU.CLIDES song is the only one I vibe with. Love the melody and his voice is pretty.

    Pedro Goncalves' song sounds good, but someone in the comments section said the chorus sounds a bit like Taylor's Blank Space and now I cannot unhear it...
  12. Once again I believe in Festival da Canção supremacy

  13. Oh, I like this one too.

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  14. I haven't really been keeping up with Festival da Canção, but it's quite tacky of Carolina Deslandes, who is huge in Portugal, to compete when all the other artists (aside from The Black Mamba, who are still nowhere near her level of popularity) are new/independent/not well-known.
  15. Look, I wasn't expecting it myself, but I think I will stan this for Finland.

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  16. Carolina is an independent artist. And it really goes to show how far Portugal’s Eurovision entries have come that it now attracts the likes of Karetus and Neev.
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  17. NEEV has always been overrated by Portuguese fans. There isn't a single song of his I've liked so far and his attempt is no exception here.

    Also My-Musical-Guilty-Pleasure-Is-Music-From-Northeast-Brazil Tainá going with everything I hate in Brazilian music at this moment. An*vit*ria really ruined everything.

    I don't get the hype on The Black Mamba, it SCREAMS the Makemakes ddddd and we saw their result in 2015.

    mema!!!!!! Good to see her here - and glad the composition by Stereossauro was made for her. I don't think it beats Perdi o Norte, but it's a solid effort.

    Karetus going with a more chill bop hmmmmm didn't really expect it, but I do dig it! They are my favorites at first listen.
  18. same
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