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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Neev's problem is that he insists on writing in English. He's a great self-trained musician writing music for really basic lyrics that ultimately sounds like a copy of what other people are doing but better.
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  3. Yeah, I don't question his talent (and I lowkey envy him as I'm trying to become a self-trained musician myself), but his voice + the sadboi package is a complete turn-off to me. And when it comes to the songs in english in fdc, I believe the others are better (I don't like The Black Mamba's, but at least it brings some diversity which I can appreciate).
  4. I don't even hate that The Roop song. Miles better than last year's mess.
  5. So after Blind Channel released their song Finland is now number 1 in the odds. I mean them winning with that song is a biggest long shot of all time but that's cute they're number one.

    Also, The Roops song is great. Its an actual bop rather than just being a funny meme song last year.

    Update: it seems Finland is already dropping in the odds so maybe it was just a technical error?
  6. Discoteque is amazing, wow.
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  7. I didn't like On Fire at all but I'm really enjoying Discoteque. Other that the chaka-chaka-cheeky-cheeky part, there's nothing annoying about it.

    Also I'm throwing my full support behind Aksel now if that teen angst song is the fave.
  8. The Roop’s video!! Perfect
  9. Time to learn the new choreo:


  10. [​IMG]
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  11. That Raylee performance. I about passed out. What a PERFORMER she is. How was this not a pre-qualifier for the final????
  12. I’m not seeing and certainly not hearing it... That’s one hot mess of a performance. The Norwegians have a lot of work to do on that if they’re sending her, sheesh. Bad Tina Turner karaoke comes to mind.
  13. MB


    I can’t get over how great it all was! Gonna be a tough final!
  14. I'm wondering if you know who Tina Turner is, because...what???
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  15. Raylee was surprisingly good. The Flashdance-reference cracked me up though.
  16. Playing catch-up on MGP now. So watching last week's tonight and will watch this week's either after or tomorrow.
  17. THE ROOP's performance was reliably good. I personally think I might enjoy this song more than On Fire.
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  18. Same here! On Fire was fun, but Discotheque is WoW!
  19. Oh well, I hated On Fire, but Discoteque is massive, fun, marvelous. I hope it wins the national selective and the whole contest! But let's wait for some other entries
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