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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. I know it is messy. I know I am trash. But that note from Moldova still has me going like this:


    Also when Duncan could choose between keeping distance to ensure a live performance and ignoring covid-19 rules he really said: music not first.
  2. Still thinking about this ffffff
  3. Sweden performing second last is certainly a choice. At least going from the horrendous German song to Finland will be a nice palate cleanser.
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  4. It‘s not a good place though. Coming right after fave Italy.
  5. I know my top three (Lithuania, Serbia, Cyprus) will not win, so I am ready to jump aboard Italy's ship
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  6. Just did my rapid test and I'm negative! I'm so hyped to see the Jury Final tonight! Can't wait.
  7. Moldova standing like a toddler who just shit her nappy to 'belt' out that note is still the highlight of 2021 for me
  8. Watching the video I think it's a good order but Malta and Serbia (the dark haired one is my spirit animal) are going to get absolutely lost on the night I think. I love Senhit almost being unable to sing from smiling so much and hope that slot can carry her top 10.

    It's amazing how 2003 Linkin Park Finland sounds but I'm not mad at it.

    Feels like it's shaping up for Switzerland v Italy, and a lot of casual watchers Ive spoken to seem to really like Sweden so it could be doing better than many of us think?
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  9. Sweden is going to land anywhere between 11-15. France has this in the bag, but I'm repeating myself far too much.
  10. Yup yup yup yup

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  11. Rooting for Ukraine to smash this with a suprise will stand out and has decent placement. I see it, I feel it...Manifest in progress.
  12. Me when the Grand Final is at #26:
  13. It's nice that for once every song that seems to have a chance of winning is at least fairly good, so whoever gets it, I won't be mad at the result.
  14. Hopefully with France after them it will do Ukraine justice. Going from that high energy performance to a snoozefest.
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  15. This gif fjxjfnfnnznff
  16. Absolutely thrilled. Did Philip purchase this result?!
  17. I'm screaming at running order having Cyprus and Albania back to back while both are wearing the exact same outfit.
  18. UK as a bathroom break between Serbia & Greece, Iceland, Switzerland?
    Which one of you make this order?
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  19. I actually think that's also a win for France, coming after the Ukraine it will seem so extra normal and classy. Not that I don't like Ukraine, but the average viewer might be relieved to see Barbara's class act right after it.
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  20. It took a whole lot longer to make it then I thought ffffs
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