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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

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  2. I hate saying it because it's one of my favourites but I can see Albania coming last this year, due to their placing and being overshadowed by big pop bops.
  3. I’m so excited for tonight I’m gonna get DRUNK and rage at Graham Norton’s inane commentary yes god!!
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  5. Not if he wins....
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  6. Guess who’s on the Aussie jury....

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  7. But Germany is right there.
  8. What if the locals eat it up :/
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  9. Right I’m doing a sweepstake with my pals who am I putting my money on gays?
  10. I feel it's too annoying even for the localest of locals, though I could see kids liking it, so I guess it'll probably get some votes there. I'm sure it's going to tank with the juries though, so hopefully it'll won't make it higher than the bottom three.
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  11. Everyone else is getting the vote Malta banner ad right? Good for them for marketing at least
  12. Rob


    It's so bad I must have blocked it from my mind but it deserves 0 points.
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  13. Destiny‘s profile is sponsored on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I can’t escape her ddd.
  14. So everyone else is getting ads about Malta, and I get ads about voting for the UK? Oh honey, bunches of no.
  15. Malta should save the money for next year’s outfit instead. The desperation is real.
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  16. Even if I allow ads, I don't get any. Guess the Popjustice 17 skin really is that broken.
  17. MB


    Currently getting my life to loco loco in the gym. Thankfully it’s empty so no one can see my hair flicks and arm swings.
  18. Ukraine's odds increasing and being close to becoming 3rd favourite, on the day of the final.


    tenor (18).gif
  19. Italy being the favourites going into the final... I don't get it. It's a good song but just doesn't feel like a winning performance to me? Ukraine, France, Switzerland all seem more likely to take the crown to me.
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