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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. The dates for next year:

  2. Not convinced it will happen still, or if it does it won't be as we know it.
  3. I think they've said that it definitely will happen next year, audience or not.
  4. They now have almost a year time to figure out different scenarios.
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  5. I reckon it'd be doable for the following May if they asked a country that had recent experience in hosting to step in to host the following year if the winning country didn't feel they could do it - and putting together an experienced international team, re-using/tweaking an old set. They've had backup plans before like when Ukraine hosted and they were worried.
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  6. Demy and Samra are shaking.

    Doris Dragović vindicated.
  7. Now not only do I have to suffer Duncan Laurence types pretending to heartfeltly play the piano, but their backing vocals don't need to be live either? No thanks.

    If they made it the rule that only bops could have pre-recorded backing vocals then that might be something.
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  8. I'm not hugely bothered. I think it works quite well in Melfest - you don't generally lose the overall live feel of the performance with just the BVs pre-recorded I think. Though The Mamas did take the piss this year with the amount of backing on the chorus so I wouldn't want to see too much of that.

    The likes of Demy and Samra mentioned above - I don't see why there'd be an increase in that sort of thing - you could already do it with live BVs anyway. And it's not like we really judge the songs on the quality of their backing vocalists anyway.

    Other positives - with the impending financial meltdown there will be a lot of broadcasters considering whether they can afford to enter ESC in coming years. If they only have to send one performer that helps with costs.

    And we might see more Fuego-style nicely choreographed bops, which we've missed in recent years.
  9. I don't want the show to be like Melfest nn
  10. Yeah I pretty much stopped watching Melfest years ago, even though I used to LOVE it
  11. A new Swedish executive supervisor introducing Melfest-style changes to Eurovision?

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  12. Wait the way I made this exact joke... Eurovision hive mind ascend
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  13. Melodifestivalen version with pre-recorded backing vocals -

    Eurovision version with 100% live vocals -

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  14. I'm not saying there's no difference.. and there have been some exceptions where they're clearly taking the mick. But it just doesn't bother me personally. I know I'm going to be in the minority here!
  15. I mean, they could just cancel it again next year. They're making changing in order to save the show. Who knows if they will even keep this change after the COVID era has ended. Its also a very subtle change so the dramatics I've seen on Twitter seem silly to me.

    We will barely notice it when the show airs.
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  16. Poor Doris Dragovic!
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  17. I know they say it‘s to save costs etc but honestly I am excited that it makes big performances with 5 dancers without anyone singing possible.
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