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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. I dont know I think he has a chance... but maybe a cute top 5 placement
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  2. At least the UK is still on ZERO

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  3. Wait what when?!
  4. This is going horrible so far. We gave straights too much power for this gays-only event
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  5. Switzerland needs to stop gurning before he gets John Lundvik’d ddd.
  6. Is it possible that France or Switzerland will win this?!
  7. I cant wait for Moldova to get 621 points for jury votes and wina
  8. I'm here for a top 2 en français.
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  9. Björkman is stuck in Stockholm and so cannot blackmail anyone.
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  10. That shot of Italy laying down on the couches checking their phones dddd
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  12. I think France is so overrated but I’m glad they vote her instead of Portugal.

    still very overrated ok
  13. Thank god for that
  14. The French singer reminds me of Lindsay from B*witched
  15. The French singer was really cute in the interview. She reminds me of Jane Wiedlin.
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  16. The Ukrainian was the best song. Then Iceland, France, Italy, Switzerland, UK and Netherlands <3
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  17. KING
  18. UK, Spain, NL, Germany, Norway still below 10 after 24 votes so true.
  19. Nn idk if I'm just getting to be an old bich but these finals just seem to be getting longer and longer

  20. Hello Kim Woodburn
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