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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Literally only sausages got through last night at Eesti Laul lol.
  2. It was the only song that didn't get a revamp (Growing Up Is Getting Old did), so I'm disappointed that the production wasn't beefed up. It still sounds like a demo.
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  3. 6 am is the ending time, no?

  4. Norway media is reporting Raylee hurt herself today during rehearsal and went to the doctor. Her foot is apparently hurt from slipping in heels. Poor girl.
  5. Oh no that‘s really bad luck. If she can‘t perform I hope they show the semi performance.
  6. I have a horrible feeling the Norwegians will choose TIX tonight. I hope I’m wrong...
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  7. Not Ben & Tan's rejected song for the Danish MGP 2021 being better than all those who are actually taking part.

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  8. No, 0600 is a mandated news break, with Sanremo clear to continue afterwards.
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  9. Got the same feeling.

    I still hope we can shout thunder and gloria in a couple of hours.
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  10. I thought they said they didn't want to do it again though?
  11. Ok, Uku Suviste has by far the most Eurovisiony-entry of the bunch in Estonia...
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  12. Melfest tonight


    UMK and MGP tonight

  13. Actually feeling a bit sick about MGP tonight.. not sure my nerves can take it!
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  14. Erika's opening performance in UMK.......

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  15. Keiino time on NRK1 everyone.
  16. The transphobic song from Estonia flopped!
  17. JK Rowling found fuming
  18. I'm obsessed with this Whoever x Pandora song, why is it not winning, what is happening. Is this where I post this?
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  19. The nu-metal teen in me is happy with Blind Channel winning UMK.
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