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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Raylee didn’t even make the top 4 in the Norwegian final! I blame the awful hair and outfit change.
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  2. I can't remember which region I'm in, but I voted for Keiino again.
  3. Some awful choices indeed in Norway!!
  4. Admittedly it's a bop. Linkin Park stans going to Eurovision, I must inform @DJHazey.

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  5. MB


    That little film going around the country was really rather beautiful.
  6. Another bloody stage in Norway. And TIX again
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  7. Keiino are obviously winning the Norsk MGP, but I really thought they were going against Raylee in the final 2, not against the wings guy.
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  8. Lee


    Keiino better win!!!!
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  9. Not Keiino passing the MGP title to Ulrikke last year, only for her to pass it back to them this year.
    Her new song is a bop!
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  10. @NRK hurry up my battery will die in 10 minutes.
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  11. MB


    Oh screw this. How very dare Tix win this against the almighty Keiino. I’m never bothering to invest in a song again.
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. What the actual fuck
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  14. Well now we know one of the songs not qualifying for the Eurovision final.
  15. I am about to puke no!
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  16. For fuck’s sake, Norway. At least I can say my gut feeling has never let me down... sigh. TIX is definitely gonna be flopping straight out of that semi come May.
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  17. What the hell Norge, the worst thing is that it wasn't even close, like how
  18. Norway NQ
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  19. But no, seriously, like can someone explain, is there any context behind it that I'm unaware? Is this guys just famous for other reasons or did people actually like his performance so much?
  20. I guess the Mello hunties won in the end...
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