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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. That pisses me off that people have to spread rumours like that after they won, they won, get over it, no need to spread untrue rumours, I'm glad he put out a statement to clear his name.
  2. They should drug test all the journalists, and then give them a cavity search.
  3. People keep staying that because he was nudged it means he was definitely taking cocaine.

    erm no, he was nudged because the camera was on them, and they’re on tv, and they are meant to look at the camera and smile. If a camera was pointing at me and I hadn’t noticed and my friend DIDN’T nudge me, now that would be weird.
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  4. After 3 Idol contestants winning and 1 Voice contestant winning, now The X Factor gets to claim a Eurovision winner as well. If Simon hadn’t filled himself with filler, I’m sure we’d be able to see the joy on his face.
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  5. While I thought the song was good but probably wasn’t even in my top 10, the only song I have left in my head is El Diablo.
  6. I can't at French journalists and politicians demanding a drug test for Damiano, just because they saw a 3 seconds video on Twitter. With no real evidence of what they're saying.
    They're basically accusing him just because they want the band to be disqualified, and they don't even understand (or care) that it wouldn't be a real victory for Barbara anyway, they just hate that Italy won.
    The fact that this boy is being morally forced to take a drug test so that he and his band can enjoy their victory is honestly crazy. I hope this mess doesn't ruin their experience.

    P.S. This story confirms that Twitter is a disgrace.
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  7. Well said
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  8. Fixed it for you.
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  9. Can you please let the French people out of this please? The French delegation said they don’t care about this story, as did Barbara. And the media are mostly celebrating her second place as we speak, as that’s the best result we got in THIRTY YEARS.
    OF COURSE some shitty tabloids are running with it to sell papers, just like they are doing in every country, but the scandal didn’t even emerge from France to begin with.

    Barbara came second and we’re celebrating it, so let us celebrate, this is our moment of pride too.
  10. Exactly.

    A proper source of information on that matter:
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  11. Yeah, I remember some media over here being nasty about Conchita too back in 2014. But coming 2nd is an achievement, too!! I remember being so proud of Ilse & Waylon back then, so I can imagine many French people are proud of Barbara, too. And not just French people; just booked a ticket to her Amsterdam concert
  12. I wasn't referring to French people but to different media outlets. Even a Minister had something to say about this story! Lots of love for the French cousins!
  13. And now we wait...


    The anticipation leading up to Eurovision week felt endless but fuck the whole thing went by so fast? I am so glad the entire team managed to make the contest happen (COVID and all). Next year should be HUGE with COVID being a thing of the past (hopefully).

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  14. A seperate sign for Folk-EDM that only Ukraine uses. Iconic.
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  15. I got way more into Eurovision this year than previously, even to watching many interviews, press conferences, livestreams, reading blogs, etc. and I am actually going to miss some of the acts /personalities from this year!
  16. What I'm keeping from all this is that France actually cares about the competition again?

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  17. I wonder if Flo Rida helped or hindered San Marino? Senhit is a queen and that song is a bop. I wish she had done better. They should send her again.
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  18. The gays out there HUSTLING!

  19. I can imagine that it hindered them. The part when Flo Rida tried to sing the chorus was awful and maybe some viewers didn't like an American artist participating in something so European or whatever. Or they didn't like this "stunt" anyway and consider it too try-hard.
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  20. He was actually one of their backing singers rgthtgerfgfnh
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