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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. I think the lesson here is that we all now need to avoid ever bending down, just in case.
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  2. How else am I gonna get this courgette up my ass
  3. Rockstars doing coke? Groundbreaking.
  4. Inch resting the EBU start waving around the threat of drugs testing now when some of the professional jury members have clearly been on sumn while filling out their ballots for years

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  5. Even if they were so stupid to bring coke to the green room, I doubt that the team that was with them on the sofa would let them do it in a room full of cameras, especially during the results, when they know they could be caught in a moment.
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  6. What a song.
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  7. [​IMG]

    Look at all that spilled cocaine
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  8. Such a disgrace!!!! Disqualify them!!!
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  9. Eurovunties I'm still so shook by last night! It was like a fever dream of SO many moments most pleasing to me. Who I keep returning to repeatedly are, of course, the absolute icons from Serbia. The production on the studio track is a bit muted and fuzzy which made the live performances stand out even more because of the clarity and coherence, of course, but also because they sold the shit out of it alone, with the vocals, the hair bundles flying, the choreo and that key change. Just to create this thrilling spectacle on pure force of personality alone! I suppose if I was a bit more versed in the competition, then their absolutely criminal placing would not have been as surprising, but there were such distinct gulfs between the effort and energy some performers like Serbia genuinely put in compared to others who didn't that it makes some of the complaints afterwards seem especially whinesome. Anyways, I'll be back to stan similar queens next year!
  10. The televoting for last night's Eurovision was fucking brutal, 4 zeroes in a row was a fucking mess, I wasn't happy with Italy winning, I was very happy for Ukraine as they got an amazing result, was rooting for them to win, the flip flop between France and Switzerland was annoying me so much, really enjoyed the GF, Nikkie was an amazing host and I actually didn't mind James Newman's, I like it, pissed Ireland never got through as the studio version of Maps is so much better tbh.
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  11. You wouldn't believe the misogyny the Hurricane girls are getting on social media... Lot's of love too, but there's always a flipside. They're basically not the conservative sister-wives that the shitty Balkan locals would love to send. What they're saying is they're promoting Serbia as a land of cheap prostitutes and I'm like!?!?!??!? Nevena from last time was the golden standard - doesn't talk much, barely moves, a Kosovo-related sob story, the most boring inoffensive faux-rawk. Either that or another boring ethno-ballad. Well, fuck those guys. It's always guys.

    Also, I know someone posted a set of highlights for them, this was sorely missing.
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  12. I'm so happy that my country won but my favourite was probably Albania, she served a One Woman Show. She looked snatched and served vocals for days.
  13. There's a place for both bops and ethnic songs at ESC. That's what makes it fascinating and so damn entertaining. I stan a good Balkan ballad and Nevena's Kruna was definitely one of the best Serbia have ever sent.
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  14. And of course its sister bop:

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  15. To be fair I’ve watched the video loop several times and if he was picking up glass from the floor then how come both hands remain on the table (both hands are clasped as fists) and only his head bends down. It does look a tad dubvious. His band mate next to him also glances to see what he’s doing, a smile forms on his face and you can just work out he gives a quick nudge which brings the guy sitting back up
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  16. Who would have thought taking cocaine in 2021 would still be so controversial. The only disgrace here is that it’s still illegal.
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  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Why is Ben Adams from A1 posting ddd
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  18. He never said he was picking up the glass. He gave a more clear explanation today:


    I'm surprised at how many people actually seem to believe he really took drugs in that place and moment. I feel bad for them, they're clearly very unhappy about these rumours. I hope it didn't spoil their win for them too much.
  19. That pisses me off that people have to spread rumours like that after they won, they won, get over it, no need to spread untrue rumours, I'm glad he put out a statement to clear his name.
  20. They should drug test all the journalists, and then give them a cavity search.
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