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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. He had a number of hit records in Norway last year and has thus built a following among the tasteless hordes.
  2. Don't say that arvingarna went direkt till finalen.
  3. Was it just me or was the TIX performance mimed?
  4. Lee


    Poor keiino! I quit, I’m not watching this year.
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  5. Me after finding out TIX won over Keiino

  6. If Keiino were to lose to men, at least you should make them lose to a good male entry.

    which means not tix
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  7. Norway saying no to their chance to actually win Eurovision this year

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  8. I didn’t bother to watch MGP because I just assumed that Norway had a clear winner and Keiino would win. Gutted! Eurovision continues to surprise me.

    Glad I got my desired outcome for Mello tonight though.
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  9. See you in may
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  10. I can’t believe that Hoobastank - The Reason rehash won over Keiino! This year is already ruined.
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  11. Less competition for Lithuania at least!
  12. I... actually enjoyed most of Portugal's selection tonight!!!
  13. Oh, and can't these four girls go for Spain instead???
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  14. The first semi of Festival da Canção being the expected snoozefest, but thankfully Karetus slapped!

  15. I think Valeria was absolutely amazing!

  16. Yes, she was good.
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  17. Don't forget this work of art

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  18. When IAN said that she had a powerbank between her legs.

  19. KEiiNO's song was shit. Sorry. The guy who won is only just a tiny, tiny bit better.
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