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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Switzerland really should have gone with that more restrained choreography from the pre-recorded performance. Such a bizarre choice.
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  2. I'm an old fart and only want live vocals and a live orchestra.
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  3. Sorry if it’s been said before but what is the reason that the UK delegation invoked to not get part in today’s celebration?
  4. If we're talking iconic, San Marino's live-on-tape is a MESS but Senhit is so infectious, her energy and her smile just pure joy.
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  5. I guess I'm fine with pre-recorded backing vocals as long as they remain just that. When they start to drown out the singer's voice, that's when I'll have a problem with it. They might as well allow lipsynching in that case.... and then I'll stop voting.
  6. I agree. Backing vocals are fine as long as they stay in the back. Once you can't clearly hear the singer's voice they become a problem.
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  7. I'm not sniffy about them using pre-recorded vocals for stylistic choices like the pitched down vocals used in Efendi's Mata Hari for instance that wouldn't be easily replicated to the same degree by a live vocalist, but y'know... there's just something a bit iconic about a backing vocalist stealing the show moment that wouldn't be quite the same using a pre-record.

    Let's enjoy a clip:
  8. so the track I Wanna Be Your Slave by Maneskin has blown up on Tiktok and is now 26 on Global Spotify, pretty incredible. I much prefer it to their winning song
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  9. I’m sort of fine with pre-recorded vocals being used given the complex structure of most modern pop songs but they should be monitored strictly. Too many contestants this year put them front and center and just a step away from lip syncing. Bring back the orchestra instead you cowards!
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  10. Let‘s look back to Popular and Mr Saade.

    Cause of backing vocals he needed two to sing and only had 3 dancers. The backings also dance a bit but it didn‘t sound that good. If he would have had backing on tape he could have had 5 dancers and a slicker performance.

    Still I think they need to be careful.
  11. So, with the back up tapes being released this weekend, Eurovision 2020/2021 is now OVER. I am so glad we finally had Eurovision back in our lives, the Dutch team produced a fantastic show, esp. under the current circumstances, and that Top 3 is iconic for several reasons. Also pleased so many of the class of 2020 were able to return for this year. Now bring on the 2022 season!!!
  12. If Queen Jana of Burceska had been allowed to use pre-recorded backing vocals in 2017 it would have been over for everyone else xx

  13. Can Azerbaijan just send this again with pre-recorded 'backing vocals'?
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  14. The fact that Natalia spent her time from the live on tape performance until Rotterdam perfecting that note.


    She should have kept the gold dress and styling tho.
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  15. Oh I absolutely loved that song as it was bop and a half, but her vocals let her down a lot.

  16. The way this POPS off in the final chorus whew
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  17. Even with the pre recorded vocals we still had a bunch of noticeably off key performances this year. Poland, Romania, Ireland, the UK, and Moldova for example. Also, I don't think they are forced to use the pre recorded backing. Ireland still brought their own backing this year I believe? But even when the backing is pre recorded it can only mask so much, so I'm not too worried about the change. We will still get our yearly dose of delicious disasters regardless of the rule change.
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  18. I don’t know if this has been talked about before but I’m so curious if Lady Gaga reacted in any way to El Diablo ? If i’m very honest i have to say that El Diablo is my fave Gaga Song since Alejandro ..

    runs for cover
  19. Azerbaijana Grande snapped.
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  20. On the pre-recorded vocals, I agree with those who said about allowing them for stylised backing. So like the kids voices on El Diablo for example (remember the mess of them trying to recreate that sound for Saara Aalto in 2018? The two backing singers were dialled up to chipmunk mode and it just didn't work).

    But I also felt the tracks that used live backing vocalists sounded better this year than those that didn't. Some were embarrassingly drowning out the singer *cough* Sweden *cough*
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