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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. I mean it's doing incredibly fine without a video so I don't see why they would really have to hurry. Of course striking the iron while it's hot wouldn't hurt either but maybe they're aiming at longevity with this one rather than serving it all at once.
  2. They are already recording new music expected to be released at the end of the year. Also they are touring Europe, they are busy.
  3. Not to mention they have already two albums and an EP, so those willing to delve into their music have a lot to discover, and demand for new material is not that urgent.
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  4. This month's #Eurovision Again will be the biggest rewind so far, as we head to Madrid 1969.

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  5. The four-way tie is finally broken. Spain wins!

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  6. Poor Lulu
  7. It’s alllllll over tiktok ddd
  8. The ranking of winners being in my order of preference. Ana Justice!
  9. A gift that keeps on giving:

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  10. LTG


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  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Damiano is adorable.

  12. I love seeing a Eurovision-winner fully embracing the victory and using it as a promo platform without any brakes. There have been so many cases where the winner has gone on the usual television promo tour across Europe for the summer, and then not having any plan at all for what's to come.

    This feels more like "hey bitches, we're just getting started".
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  13. So I just bought tickets for this. I need some Eurovision between now and May next year.


    Don’t fuck this up for me corona!
  14. This looks like fun - maybe I'll go. Tickets aren't crazy prices either. I wonder if Charlotte Perrelli will end up on the listing...
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  15. See you there! The 2019 edition was so much fun!
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  16. Oh my god yes!! See you there!
  17. This sis WORKED.

  18. Yeah, crazy cheap. So are hotels (at least for now) so it’s definitely worth it. If Charlotte doesn’t show up you can at least rely on Carola to give you one or two WTF moments, she always delivers.

    We’ll have to sync up and meet at some point during the night!
  19. Does anyone know how close the 'normal' standing section will be, versus the Golden Circle? I know it had a catwalk and B-stage last time, just curious if they'll have it again.
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