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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. The song's still a bit shit nn.
  2. Italy winning both the Eurovision Song Contest and Straight™ Eurovision in the same year. This is Italy's moment.
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  3. Excuse me, but we also won six gold medals at Tallinn's European Athletics!
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  4. So. Much. Better.

  5. Tonight #EurovisionAgain goes back to The Hague 1980!

    Johnny Legend, the penguin from Luxembourg, the Welsh-Italian Barry Gibb, the Norwegian Sami chanting, Anna Vissi's first Eurovision stint, Belgium's meta-song, Morocco's only entry and much more.
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  6. Has anyone else noticed Loco Loco has disappeared from streaming?
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  7. I can still find it on apple music
  8. Yes! They've mucked around with all their catelogue, lots of their songs that were released in 19/20 now put up again with June 21 release dates. Some dropped off.

  9. The official song is in my 2021 playlist but this is better yes. Also maybe she could have actually sung it on key live...
  10. Same for me. Not available on Spotify :( And they also changed Hasta La Vista to a new version that sucks.
  11. I wasn't available on NL Spotify since Eurovision either. God.
  12. Meanwhile Mata Hari continues to be a staple in the Greek music scene.

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  13. I found something worse ddd

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  14. I just heard Natalia Gordienko's Sugar at a gay club and OOOOOOEH MY. It went off.


  15. Albina‘s follow up single. It‘s great!
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  16. Apricot stone hidden in my haAaAaAaAnd
    Given back to meEeEeEeE
    From the motherlaAaAaAaAnd

    I've been singing this all day
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  17. I'm sorry but there's no place in my heart, or in my playlist, for another song called La La Love.
    Queen Ivi Adamou has the monopoly.
  18. Eurovision 2006 HD premiering right now.

    So far, even with HD, several songs haven't aged well.
  19. And why we needed a HD remix of this messy Eurovision year, you say?

    Also, I was today year's old when I found out Una of The Saturday sang backup for Ireland and Glenn of POP! was one of the dancers for Turkey.
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  20. Tonight #EurovisionAgain rewinds back to Malmö 1992!

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