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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. A&E


    EBU implementing this rule:

    You know, they could've done that all along with backing singers offstage.
  2. Rumour has it France Télévisions have binned Tom Leeb for next year...

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  3. It's now confirmed, he says it was his decision not to come back.

    But just a few weeks ago he said he would still like to represent France at Eurovision and that he felt like the opportunity slipped through his fingers this year. Since nobody even knows if concerts will be back next year, I would guess he is saving face.
  4. The idea that any of this year’s contestants has enough of a calendar already lined up that they can’t afford to make time for the international platform that is Eurovision
  5. Uku, Sandro and now Tom?

    We love to see less straight male representation at Eurovision!

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  6. Sandro is straight??
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  7. Not fond of them adding pre-recorded backing vocals, unless they can guarantee it won't drown out the actual singer (like it sometimes tends to do in the Melodifestivalen-performances). I could tolerate it a bit more if five (or however many they were allowed to have live) people would be pre-recorded, but the main singer(s) would have to be all live - nothing pre-recorded at all. Also a pre-recorded choir of 200 would not be okay.
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  8. Tom, Uku and Sandro were all a million miles better than Tornike, Go_A, Hooverphonic, Benny and Stefania. I’m disappointed.
  9. Tom, Uku, and Sandro were all good live vocalists so given the right song they could have all been great. All three had potential that was wasted in my opinion.
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  10. [​IMG]

    If it comes anywhere near to Destination Eurovision's level of quality participants and songs, I'll be happy.
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  11. Julia 2021, let's make this happen @junglefish @Crisp X @Whoever else is French on this forum @Mylène @Island
  12. What I want for France next year

    What we will get

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  13. Ben Dolic won't be representing Germany next year. Which is a shame, I quite liked his song this year.
  14. I think he said he will apply again which is crazy, why go through all this again instead of trying to find another good song for him?
  15. Aly Ryan be like:

  16. Aly Ryansdottir at the Icelandic final be like:


    Aly Ryanovic at the Croatian final be like:


    Aly Ryanopoulos at the Cypriot final be like:


    Aly de Ryan at the French final be like:

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  17. And don't forget Aly O'Ryan at the Irish final. She did the My Heritage test.
  18. Ben Dolic's song was good but I didn't feel he bodied it. A more seasoned performer could have brought that song to life.
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  19. Can he get a better haircut in the next 10 months please?
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  20. Does anyone worry about Eurovision as we know going by the wayside? By my understanding, it’s not as much of a money pit as the Olympics, but I have this nagging fear that countries will continue to pull out for financial reasons, and with technological advances, the need for all the competing acts and delegations to be in one place isn’t entirely necessary, is it?

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