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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Voy A Quedarme for Spain

  2. Three songs confirmed in one night whew
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  3. Can't wait to be disappointed yet again on Friday!
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  4. Lee


    See you there!
  5. Fixed
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  6. Was TIX lip syncing his performance? Or is he just so talented a vocalist that he sounds pitch perfect every second of the song? If he was miming I don't get why that was allowed? It was jarring to watch.
  7. I was thinking there was something very weird going on with some of the vocals last night in MGP? Not just TIX, Rein Alexander too looked like he was miming. And Raylee’s vocals had improved suspiciously well from the first semi, it was only the ad-lib she did towards the end that genuinely sounded live.
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  8. Yes, i wrote this last night, too. TIX mimed, and perhaps some others, too. Also in Finland, the interval acts were hardly live it seems
  9. Raylee was definitely singing live, but with some really, really loud pre-recorded vocals. Honestly, I think this is something we're just going to have to get used to - the pre-recorded vocals drowning out the live vocals. Melodifestivalen (and probably other ESC-related shows too) has been doing this for years and it will infect Eurovision eventually, now that not all vocals have to be live.

    Have they come out with any restrictions regarding this in Eurovision, by the way? Like, can the artists have some of their vocals pre-recorded as well or is it just the backing singers' vocals? And if only the backing singers', how many different singers can there be? 5? 10? 100?
  10. Not me watching KEiiNO’s final performance on YouTube just now and assuming they’d undoubtedly won.
    ... then I read the comments.
    This is heartbreaking! Monument is incredible.
  11. Valéria is the moment.

  12. Absolutely!! I hope she wins and does well in Rotterdam
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  13. Wait Tix wrote Sweet but Psycho.
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  14. Time for the very first top ten

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  15. My top 10 so far...think I’m probably way out of touch with what is popular!

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  16. I’m loving Czechia and Croatia, and I’m quite enjoying Israel and Lithuania out of all those selected so far.
  17. That’s really hits you deep.
    The little strut at the start is everything too!
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  18. None of the 10 confirmed songs are good

    going depression
  19. which app are you all using for the top10?
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  20. It’s called My Eurovision Scoreboard - can listen to clips of all the songs and rate them.
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