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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Cheering for Italy and Malta! Mia's performance was sooo good!
  2. Italy won the Twitter vote.

  3. Tell me Junior Eurovision 2021 will be held in Paris just before Christmas without telling me Junior Eurovision 2021 will be held in Paris just before Christmas:

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  4. Senhit just released a remix of Adrenalina produced by Steve Aoki. Where she got the money is still a mystery tho.
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  5. Her hustle is inspirational.
  6. Yodeling queen Ilinca is still on Eurovision mood. (I'd be here for her to do this annually.)

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  7. She just keeps on slaying.

    Her live ad-libs highkey make the song too.
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  8. I always miss those hey's and ha's when listening to the studio version of 'Mata Hari'.
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  9. Loco Loco back on Spotify praise be.
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  10. 19 countries for Junior Eurovision

  11. Apparently, one of the dancers from Poland represented the country at this year's Mister Supranational contest, and unsuprisingly, his number for the talent round had Eurovision tones.

  12. To the surprise of no-one, this was the 2021 OGAE Second Chance winner:

  13. I am glad they didn‘t go to Eurovision in the end cause they wouldn‘t have won against Maneskin so they still have a chance another time.
  14. Poland's Junior Eurovision song slaps!

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  15. A strong junior NF for Malta

  16. Is it me or does mastering sound off on this compared to a couple months ago? I swear the upload sounded better around the time of the competition.
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  17. This is a mess. The previous version was much better in terms of quality.
  18. Yeah someone f*cked it up a lot, Loco Loco was unavailable to play on Spotify for weeks during Eurovision or so too in the Netherlands. Definitely could have landed them higher.
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  19. Honestly we're so backwards with streaming, it's awful. Our main streaming platform is YouTube, so they basically don't give a shit about the rest. Just look at that "artwork", Jesus. The worst bit being that they've had a perfect lil EP out there earlier (I have it downloaded) with the remastered version, Karaoke and Instrumental, and normal artwork. Why on Earth did they remove it?
  20. Maybe it's another fake upload?
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