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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Skating to the Swiss entry.

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  2. Of course Italy's jESC entry had to have some Måneskin-ish flavour!

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  3. Ethno-bop claxon!

  4. Isn‘t Björkman really involved with it?

    So I say good for her for keeping him away from the main contest.
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  5. Queen Elodie will host Junior Eurovision 2021!

    And so is #daddy Olivier Minne!

  6. In my heart of hearts, I don’t want this to flop, because I never want anything Eurovision-related to flop. In every other part of me, I hope it gets cancelled before the finale, to demonstrate the error in waiting so long to launch something and failing to adjust for how divided this country is right now. Like hell I’m voting for anybody from Florida right now!
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  7. Go off Ivana love this cover

    My queens back with a absolute bop. I still just want to be Ivana for a day
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  8. And I think they've fixed the version of Loco Loco on Spotify too. The cover has changed back and it sounds better quality.
  9. Armenia won Junior Eurovision 2021. Bop justice.


  10. Few gins in thinking about my queens. From 40 seconds on Ivana really said let me serve some queen shit
  11. Host broadcaster NPO aired a documentary abour 2021 a few days ago.

    Does anyone have a link maybe?
  12. Me hearing rumors that Natalya and Kirkorov may be a couple

  13. [​IMG]

    I mean if you're gonna do it then at least present a relationship with someone you might plausibly be with.
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  15. Ok, who else still sings the words 'Mata Hari' out loud in totally random moments one year later?
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