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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. TIX didn't mime - he was just well backed up by pre-recorded vocals.

    It's more obviously live on the reprise as he plays around with languages, adlibs and ducking notes.

    The video on the official Eurovision channel is dubbed with the studio version.
  2. Call me basic but I am obsessed with Omaga right now.
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  3. The article that announced the rule-change in the first place says

    "As part of the measures to ensure the sustainability of the Eurovision Song Contest, the Reference Group has decided on a one-year trial basis to lift the ban of backing vocals (harmonies) from the backing tracks.

    "All lead vocals performing the melody of the song, including an eventual use of a so-called lead dub, shall still be live on or off stage in the arena."

    Are there requirements for the content of the backing track?
    The backing track cannot contain Lead Vocals, Lead Dubs and/or any other vocals that would have the effect of, or aim at, replacing or unduly assisting the Lead Vocals during the live performance on stage.

    I suspect that means that TIX, for example, will need a live backing singer to support him.

    It will be interesting to see how strictly they enforce this rule.

    Would The Mamas have got away with the amount of backing they had on their choruses last year? Could you have a full choir?

    And it sounds like the pre-recorded vocals have to be harmonising with the lead vocal rather than just boosting it.
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  4. Hurricane‘s song is called Loco Loco.

    And Tix already filmed his back up video in case ESC only shows peformances from the studio which means he won‘t change the staging.
  5. It's great. I didn't like his previous entry at all but this one is much more poppy. It sounds really chartworthy actually.
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  6. Thanks! I completely missed this back then!
  7. Reach for the glue, girls, because Gaia is coming for wigs at Sanremo:


    And get absolutely fooled by that flamenco-ish pose because early reviews of "Cuore amaro" unanimously report it as a Rosalía-pretending-she's-Latina kind of summer bop gig. Early reviews also say that despite this edition being probably the youngest, most left-field ever, the percentage of sugary ballads and sentimental midtempos is still sky-high, so approach with caution.
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  8. Sanremo ate the other selections UP in terms of song quality last year so I'm so ready for those songs to drop.

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  10. At least Gaia is actually of latino descent as her mom is Brazilian.

    Rosalía found shaking!!
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  11. A rumor went around about a few months ago that ZENA was playing at pro-Lukashenko rally's at the height of the Belarusian political drama in order to comeback to Eurovision. I guess those rumors were right! Messiest way to make a comeback ever.
  12. A snippet of the Germany entry has apparently leaked and... well... all I can say is good luck Germany because you're going to need it.

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  13. Trying to reserve judgement until I hear the full thing but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting chaotic Electro Velvet vibes.
  14. Spain and Germany really don't wanna win these days, do they?
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  15. Spain, Germany and UK really love to fight for last place, don't they?
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  16. I'm still getting over Norway's outrageous stupidity. Monument might not have been an overall winner, but it's a brilliant song, performed immaculately, almost guaranteed to pick up the votes through pure goodwill alone. I can't even make it through Fallen Angel. So disappointed.
  17. Cyprus is comming tomorrow afternoon.
  18. But won't be on Spotify until Sunday because Panik want to plug their shitty app

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  19. If Panik thinks I am going to go to great lengths to hear El Diablo tomorrow on their dumb little app then... they're right. I will absolutely be jumping through hoops for this.
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