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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. So you just feel sorry then?

  2. *clicks play*


    A ukulele

    *closes tab*
  3. So El Diablo was supposedly written in a song writing camp for potential German Eurovision entries (OXA wrote it in that camp) yet it somehow ended up with Cyprus while Germany chose this ukulele song? Is it possible Germany rejected El Diablo in favor of I Don't Feel Hate?!
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  4. Yes the german HOD said a couple of songs have become chart hits meanwhile so it‘s really surprising what they chose.
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  5. why is this sending... I need a gif
  6. They're really trying to target the tik tok kids, aren't they?
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. It's... cute nn
  9. It's not the best thing in the world but much better than last year. I just don't understand the mixing, the vocals are hard to hear and they turn into mumbling.
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  10. it slapped me, i'm dead
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  11. DAS


    I don't know what to make of Ireland - i feel like others have said it's so difficult to hear what she's saying (particularly in the verse), but the hook is nice and catchy
  12. Once again...Ireland are just a level below the bar of modern Eurovision. The song is nice, but the mixing is muddy as hell during in the chorus and the hook is far too limp to compel viewers to actually vote for it.
  13. A massive step up from the damp basement that was Story of my Life
  14. I enoyed Story of my life actually. It gave me early Kelly Clarkson vibes.
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  15. Story of my Life was iconic lads we stan P!nk cosplay in this house
  16. Having to endure the first performance of Maps on live TV tonight...another bout of wailing and deluded nostalgia...

  17. MB


    I actually prefer Story of my Life eak.
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  18. sdfsgdhfrseadfghjcfrsead

  19. I quite like the Irish entry and it's definitely light years better that Story Of My Life. It will qualify and I can see it ending in top 15. Mark my words.
  20. Rob


    The Irish entry isn't bad but her vocals are so drowned out in the mix I can barely make out what she's saying. Story of My Life remains dated and unbothered.

    The German entry is awful. I've enjoyed a lot of their easy-listening entries (Disappear, Sister) but this is just fucking annoying.
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