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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Ireland gives me winner vibes, if it was 2013. Not bad though and one of my favourites of the few we've heard so far.
  2. Ok I'm slightly obessed with Irelands entry, we have sent some real stinkers the last few years but this is the early noughties vibe with just enough cheese that I absolutely adore. As long as they get the staging right for it hopefully we might actually get into the final this year. She is giving me Ariana levels of mumbling through some parts of the song. Enunciate you words on the night please Lesely
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  3. Ireland’s entry isn’t bad - I prefer it to Story of My Life but the vocals sound really muddy. With that said, it’s currently in my top 5 of this year so far.
  4. Is El Diablo on YouTube anywhere? I feel humiliated that I can't find it...?
  5. Not yet, only on til Sunday
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  6. So Lesley lipsynced the performance on the Late Late show...guess we're waiting until the Semi-Final for a live vocal then!

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  7. Ireland is good for Ireland, but not competitive in comparison to what everyone else is bringing. An improvement, but I still don't expect them to qualify.
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  8. I'm sorry, but this should be disqualified on the grounds of plagiarism. Elena deserves a better song.
  9. Apparently Irelands creative director is the same guy who did heroes for Sweden from few years ago. I'm shocked we seem to be actually trying this year. It's all up to you on the night lesley
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  10. Just because one song fits on top of another doesn't mean it's been plagiarised
  11. Hurricane’s song being called “Loco Loco” is reassuringly on brand and I expect nothing less than a high energy bop with full choreography!
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  12. Slovenia sends gospel....
  13. Voda was miles better.
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  14. Austria and Slovenia sending songs named Amen

  15. Have Lovad and Tainá joined the same cult?

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  16. Slovenia won’t be bothering with a place in the final then
  17. This ticks all my boxes.
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