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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. I wouldn’t be very interested in watching it without the audience and the atmosphere, this years shitshow was proof of that.

    I’d take a yearly playlist of bops though.
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  2. It is necessary though so everyone gets the same chance. This is probably why they didn‘t host a 2020 from every nations tv studio edition.
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  3. No chance, that's part of what makes it Eurovision.
    It would die completely before it lived as a virtual event.
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  4. Maybe a bit of a controversial or unpopular opinion but if several countries dropped out because of financial issues and it means we have less badly produced or arranged songs like we had this year I am not entirely opposed to it.
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  5. Countries are pulling out of Junior Eurovision because it gets 11 million viewers total in a continent of 741 million people. Eurovision 2019 had a European audience of 182 million, never mind the people around the world watching it. It's not going away.

    To take Ireland for example, it costs around 300k to participate in Eurovision every year. For that, RTE gets around 12 hours of top rating television, so it's worth the price.

    I found this about the Netherlands -

  6. Yeah I remember swiss TV saying that the costs from EBU are less than what it takes to host one TV show and you get 3 shows actually.
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  7. Apparently, Susanne Georgi reached "a verbal agreement" with the local government for Andorra to return to Eurovision in 2022.
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  8. There are probably cost savings which could be found though.

    Here are some of RTE's outgoings in 2018:

    EBU fee - €83,861
    Staging - €27,190
    Flights - €8,483
    Food/Subsistence - €13,632
    Accommodation - €42,355(!)

    I imagine over time delegations may get smaller.

  9. Lesley Roy working with ESC parasite JOWST :(
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  10. So JESC is being used to test out this format to see if it's viable for the main contest next year, I see. Inch resting.

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  11. I for one am very interested to see how staging turns out without an audience.

    As long as we don't get a field of Benjamin Ingrossos.
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  12. I'll take it over a cancellation at this point...
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  13. So, most of the JESC withdrawals were unnecessary this year. I wish they decided this before.

    Edit: Just read that countries can apply to participate now but I couldn't find an English source. Makes sense to do that.
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  14. The impression I get is that Eurovision is actually more popular now. I think social media and Youtube has given it new energy and can't see it moving away from its current form.
  15. Do not tell wiw*bl*ggs. They might overestimate their influence even more.
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  17. It will probably be scenario B.

    But mess if indeed. I mean what if my tickets get drawn but not those of my bf?

    Let‘s hope for the best and that Netherlands can host a real party after so many years.
  18. Yeah.... but at least we'll get an ESC next year. Scenario A seems very unlikely, indeed. Fingers crossed
  19. I would be fine with any of these scenarios as long as it happens, but obviously D seems unfair for many reasons. The quality of the show will be inconstant from country-to-country unless the EBU is willing to support each delegation financially. Still, I can't wait to see what they come up with. It will be a very unique Eurovision no matter which scenario they end up going with. I'm personally hoping for B.
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