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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. I just hope I can use my airline voucher before it expires in December 2021.
  2. I completely agree with this. I've always seen Eurovision as a non-commercial event - it's an opportunity for TV stations across countries to show the same programme at the same time.
    The late 1980s was a low point for Eurovision. It was an irrelevance. The entries/winners didn't chart (in 1989 the UK came second but the song got to something like Nr.92 in the charts?). It was just for gays and old ladies.
    However, the initiatives in the late 90s to introduce backing tracks, the free language rule and televoting helped move things forward, I think. Then you had Sertab's win in 2003 and the introduction of the semis - the Eastern European countries injected energy and competitiveness.
    What really surprises me is, given that it's a TV show, how many teenagers/people in their twenties are into Eurovision. As you say, it's social media and YouTube that give it energy.
    Eurovision is in a very good place at the moment.
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  3. So this is the song Dami wanted to come back with in 2021. I like it alot but don't think it would have done well.
  4. I wonder if they’d consider it pushing it back to the later half of 2021, as it might give them a higher likelihood of being able to host a normal Eurovision.

    I don’t know if they would rather hold it in May/June and go for Scenario B, over pushing it back a few months though.

    Many artists are announcing late 2021 tours after a lot of scientists predicted that that’s when live events would be safe to return.

    It would just feel so sad to have it virtual or distanced so hopefully, whenever it’s held next year, that they can go all bells and whistles like usual.
  5. The problem is if you push it back. Unless a Big 5 country wins, or someone like Sweden. Who could potentially put it on in 6-8 months. It's going to be later in the year for a long period of time.

    Many countries struggle with 12 months to put it on.

    So if you push it to October. And make it 11 Month gaps after that you it would be 5 years after 2022 that you get back to a May date.
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  6. I doubt they'll push it back super far. Maybe a month at most? Seems like they have multiple backup plans ironed out. I think we will get a Eurovision filmed in people's homes on zoom before we get one at the end of 2021. Its too hard to find a venue and plan a contest if you get allow the host country to get a full year.

  7. Can Greece choose this? Thank you.
  8. They would probably ask the Dream Team to remix this and it would end up sounding like it came from 2003.
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  9. At best if a non Big 5/Sweden country won we'd end up with a contest shadow produced by SVT (see some recent entries...). They need to figure out a way to get it going on time, no matter what. The Rotterdam Eurovision vibes are not good. Lets get it done.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. All of my top 5 confirmed for next year now, wooooo!!!
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  12. That Netflix money is looongggg huh (:

  13. PLEASE stop
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  14. Hardly any surprise but it's confirmed that all the 41 countries due to compete in 2020 will participate in 2021.

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  15. That‘s great that all are coming back.

    Bringing a bit happyness to TV.
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  16. I did expect Belarus to drop out. But I'm glad everyone is on board with the 2021 system.
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  17. FiK's lineup:

    Peng- Devis Xherahu
    Valixhja e kujtimeve- Orgesa Zaimi
    Kush je ti dashuri- Festina Mejzini
    E morën botën- Franc Koruni
    Pendesë- Inis Neziri
    Kam me t’ba me kajt- Sardi Strugaj
    Më jep jetë- Gjergj Kaçinari
    Nëse vdes- Durim Morina (Mirudi)
    Tjerr- Evi Reçi
    Vashëzo- Rosela Gjylbegu
    Vallja e jetës- Klevis Bega (Kastro Ziso)
    Do t’ja dal- Klinti Çollaku
    Karma- Anxhela Peristeri
    Si ajo- Wendi Mancaku
    Ty- Fatos Shabani
    Vajzë- Florent Abrashi
    Njësoj- Enxhi Nasufi
    Ajo vajza- Kamela Islamaj
    Zjarri im- Era Rusi
    Jo- Erikson Lloshi
    Më mbron- Xhesika Polo
    Ora e jetës- Manjola Nallbani
    E lirë- Giliola Haveriku
    Nënë- Viktor Tahiraj
    Vendi im- Agim Poshka
    Meteor- Stefan Marena

    Arilena out. Elvana out. Some returnees, including this legend:
  18. It's wild to me that we're already approaching national selection season.
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  19. Indeed. On one hand, 2020 just seems to drag on, but on the other hand, times goes by fast!
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